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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Top 13 Even More Disturbing MLP:FiM Fanworks (HM)

When I learned there was a copycat version of Cupcakes that other fans considered to be far more disturbing than the original fan fiction, I was slightly intrigued.

But then I read the title: Pattycakes. And I laughed. Hard!

Then I read the summary. And I laughed. Hard!

Then I read the whole fan fiction. And I laughed. Hard!

Then I realized that other fans seriously believed this was far more horrific than Cupcakes. And I laughed. Harder!

But, for the sake of fairness, I decided to cover it on this list, if not only as an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: Pattycakes

The fan fiction is what one would expect from a Cupcakes ripoff.

Rainbow Dash is so engulfed with her own flying skills that she almost forgets an important appointment with Fluttershy. (Gee, that sounds familiar!) She arrives at Fluttershy’s cottage where Fluttershy informs her that they’re going to have a special day together. (Gee, that sounds familiar!) Fluttershy then offers her something to drink, which causes Dash to black out. (Gee, that sounds familiar!) Dash then awakens to find herself restrained in a strange room. (Gee, that sounds familiar!) Fluttershy enters and commences mutilating and torturing Dash in order to harvest her organs for cupcake ingredients. (GEE, THAT SOUNDS…Fake!)

Alright, I made that last part up! What really happens is that Fluttershy has Dash dress up as a baby in order to keep her as her very own.

Feel free to either scream your lungs out or laugh your ass off.

The rest of the fan fiction continues as you would expect it to: Rainbow Dash is forced to act like a toddler, playing Patty Cake (of course!), being feed with a bottle, and even crapping her diaper. (Yeah, the fan fiction goes there!) The story ends forebodily enough with her accepting her fate as a foal, with Fluttershy telling her that she plans on keeping her there forever and ever!

I’m sorry, but it’s hard for me to take this fan fiction seriously when it’s essentially Fluttershy forcing Rainbow Dash to act like a baby.

That’s not to say that I don’t understand why others would find this story disturbing. Being trapped against your will by a deranged psychopath can make for a traumatizing experience, and as such, has made for a compelling plot by many horror stories such as Stephen King’s Misey.

But whereas Annie Wilkes resorts to violent means in order to keep the protagonist trapped against his will, here, Fluttershy just forces Rainbow Dash to act like a baby.

What makes this fanfiction even weaker is that it blatantly rips off Cupcakes while removing all the elements that made it so infamously disturbing in the first place. In the original fanfic, there was a real threat against Rainbow Dash’s life with her being tortured, mutilated, and eventually killed, with her remains inevitably disposed of so that she is never seen or heard from again.

But in this ripoff, she’s being held hostage at Fluttershy’s house with no real threat posed to her life. Eventually her friends are going to notice that Rainbow Dash is missing or are going to drop by Fluttershy’s cottage, and one way or another, Dash will escape her predicament.

But perhaps the weakest aspect of this ripoff is Fluttershy’s motivation for kidnapping Rainbow Dash. She wants a foal to call her own? There are much easier and less convoluted ways to go about this. She can be impregnated by Big Mac, adopt an orphan, be impregnated by Big Mac, receive sperm from a sperm bank, be impregnated by Big Mac, be impregnated by Big Mac…

Seriously, Fluttershy, why you no have sex with Big Mac and have Big Mac babies?

And yes, I know Fluttershy explains why she doesn’t try conventional methods, but really, ignoring the fact that these “excuses” don’t fly, the fact remains that taking care of a full-grown mare acting like a foal is a far cry from taking care of an actual foal. I would find her kidnapping any of the three Cutie Mark Crusaders to be far more realistic than this.

And yes, I understand that there is a sequel and prequel that explains things and makes things far more creepier than they seem, but if a work doesn't stand on its own merit, sequels simply won't fix that.

So, yeah, I’m sorry guys, but this infamous fan fiction really wasn’t that infamous to me. If it disturbed the hell out of you, fine. But it simply had no effect on me, and that is why I am listing this as an honorable mention.