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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bloomturd: End Of An Error

Michael Bloomberg may be stepping out of office as NYC Mayor tomorrow, but sadly, his nanny state policies will remain in effect--that is, unless his predecessor repeals them, which is highly unlikely. I don't know much about Bill de Blasio, but unless he plans on taxing breathing, he can't be any worse than Bloomturd!

Here is a complete list of everything this state nanny has banned during his 12-year regime:
* Overruled/appealed ban
** Suggested/voluntary ban
*** Proposed/pending ban

MORE Thoughts On The Duck Dynasty Controversy

Just in case my previous thoughts weren't clear enough, this rant sums up my sentiments exactly on this non-issue:

NSA Can Hack Your iPhone!

Remember yesterday when I mentioned how MSNBC stooge Lawrence O’Donnell brushed off Snowden’s warning about America’s increasing loss of privacy, claiming it was “impossible” for the federal government to watch “everything we do” because “that capacity doesn’t exist”?

Well, the Daily Dot reports that the NSA can turn on your iPhone’s camera and microphone without you knowing.

Tell me again, Mr. O’Donnell, how the government lacks the capacity to watch everything we do. Impossible, you say? Only to those not paying attention--or media stooges trying to keep us distracted!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Snowden's Xmas Message "Absurdly, Wildly Overblown"?

In his Christmas message, Edward Snowden warned Americans about their dwindling levels of privacy, claiming that "a child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all"—and as can be expected, the corporate establishment shills have been trying to cover up this fact. ("Invasion of privacy? What invasion of privacy? Where?")

So which neocon blowhard was the first to strike Snowden? Limbaugh? Hannity? O’Reilly? Nope. It was none other than MSNBC’s resident socialist Lawrence O’Donnell who went on the attack against Snowden:

“Every time he speaks, every time, he will say things that are absurdly, wildly overblown,” O’Donnell said. “He says that the government is, quote, ‘watching everything we do.’ That is of course impossible. No one is watching everything we do. That capacity doesn’t exist.” After listing off more of Snowden’s ominous warnings about the surveillance state, O’Donnell said, “I find it odd that every time he speaks he says provably untrue things like this.”
Provably untrue? Ever since Snowden’s leak, revelation after revelation has unveiled the extent to which the NSA has infiltrated our personal communications, even going so far as to pry into our porn and video games.

Heck, the NSA has even gone far enough to intercept packages to put backdoors in electronics. So that spiffy new Microsoft Surface tablet you received from Amazon? Chances are the NSA intercepted it and installed a backdoor allowing them easier access to your personal information. (Or that would be the case if people actually bought Microsoft Surfaces. Those things suck. Get an iPad!)

So really, the only person saying provably untrue here is O’Donnell. I would say this is where he has lost all credibility, but that would be assuming he had any credibility to begin with.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

TSA "Liberty"


If a normal person broke open your luggage and rummaged around in it, we would call him a thief. If a person with a badge breaks open your luggage and rummages around in it, we call them the state. But of course, they need to infringe on your freedom in order to protect your freedom. Because freedom!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Pony Recaps: Flight to the Finish

Sorry I’m late with these recaps. The blame is on a combination of work, sickness, and the holidays, all of which have been preventing me from posting these recaps. I will be posting them when I get the free time.

And with that said.


Did I mention how much I hate Diamond Tiara?

This little pompous bitch had to be, by far, the worst villain in the series, and considering how the other villains have tried to envelop the land in eternal night, eternal chaos, invade it with a insectoid army, re-siege a lost civilization, hold ponyville hostage, and tried to invade with an army of teenagers, that is really, really saying something.

Making fun of some ponies for not having their cutie marks is one thing, but making fun of a Pegasus who can’t fly and is possibly disabled? That is The. Worst. Possible. Thing!

And sadly, she is only one of the many reasons why I don’t like this episode.

Yes, you heard me right: I don’t like this episode.

While many reviewers are fangasming over this episode, even going so far as to prematurely call it the best episode of Season 4, I have to disagree. Very much so!

I can’t explain why I don’t like this, but watching it, I just felt bored. Perhaps it's because this is a story we’ve all seen too many times before with an ending that is far too predictable. Seriously, if you honestly thought the CMC were not going to win the competition, you haven’t watched enough television.

I was even seriously considering not writing a recap for this, and honestly, I can’t think of many things to comment on this. But I decided to scavenge as much as I can and give you what little I can come up with.

So without further ado, my thoughts on—yawn!—Flight To The Finish:

Not sure why most people were excited to see her again. Personally, I would have loved to see Ms. Peachbottom again, but that's just me.

Though I have to say that she does have the best facial expressions in the episode:

And as always, Rainbow Dash makes an extraordinary entrance:

Am I the only one who would have loved to see more Snips and Snails, even have them win? They just don't get enough love.

Not sure why she went through all the trouble making elaborate chalk drawings when she only needed them to highlight a few words. Why not just write them?

Finally we come to the first song in Season 4, Hearts As Strong As Horses. And it was--okay. It wasn't bad. It wasn't good. It was okay. Not the best CMC songs, but certainly one of them. I really love the marching beat, sort of like a football marching band, which is very fitting for the episode. And while the visuals for the song were nice and humorous, well, let's just replace the lyrics here, shall we?

The day is approaching to give it your best 
You've got to reach your prime! 

That's when you need to put yourself to the test 
And show us the passage of time. 

We're gonna need a montage. (Montage) 
A sports-training montage! (Montage) 

And just show a lot of things happenin' at once. 
Remind everyone of what's goin' on. (What's goin' on?) 

And with every shot, show a little improvement 
To show it won't take too long. 

That's called a montage. (Montage) 
Even Rocky had a montage! (Montage) 

Always fade out (Montage) into a montage... (Montage) 
If you fade out it seems like a long time (Montage) has passed in a montage... (Montage) 
Montage... (Montage)

And apparently freeze-frame can occur in real life.

I love how the CMC are willing to stand up to Silver "Snatch" and Diamond "Twat" and are no longer bothered by their taunting.

This epic staring contest is missing a third person on the right.

"Goof-saders"? DT, you insult like a kindergartner. Wait...

If this is something they can pull off in a day, I'd be impressed with what they can do with more time. (SHOW STOPPERS DOESN'T COUNT!)

I know Dash is supposed to be more "professional", but does she have to be nonchalant about it?

"But how do we upset them? We already called them blank flanks!"

Again, making fun of ponies for not having their cutie marks is one thing, but making fun of a possibly-disabled pegasus pony who can't fly? That's unforgivable!

As to the debate about weather or not Scootaloo is "disabled", I'm of the opinion that she's just a slow learner when it comes to learning. I have no doubts we will see Scootaloo flying by the series end.

Aw, isn't that cute. BUT IT'S WR--no, wait, it's still cute.

Hey, didn't we see that couple in the back in another episode? How many train trips does Carrot Top's boyfriend go on.

OMIGOSH! Dash is still the master of facial expressions!

Confirmed: Scootaloo is not homeless. Now we just need to confirm that she has parents.

I confess this was a heartwarming scene between Dash and Scootaloo, and one that offers a lot of character development.

Scootaloo hoofbumps Granny Smith! That makes this running gag 20 percent cooler.

You know your performance is a success when it forces Ms. "Professionalism" to break character.

Dash's expression is my reaction exactly, Seriously, could we go one episode without having the CMC obsess over cutie marks?

Glenn Greenwald To MSNBC: I Defend Snowden Like You Defend Obama '24 Hours a Day'

No better way to start your day than with someone like Glenn Greenwald putting MSNBC in it's place:

“Every journalist has an agenda. We’re on MSNBC now, where close to 24 hours a day the agenda of President Obama and the Democratic Party are promoted, defended, glorified, the agenda of the Republican Party is undermined. That doesn’t mean the people who appear on MSNBC aren’t journalists, they are.”
But you see, this is where Greenwald is clearly wrong.

You see, the journalists at MSDNC are REAL journalists because they perpetually propagate political propaganda to prop up the power of political establishment figures like Obama, whereas Greenwald is not a journalist because he skewers and shines light on the secret and seditious schemes of the status quo.

Real journalists are lapdogs for the powerful, not the watchdogs of the people, which is why Greenwald is not a REAL journalist like the talking heads at MSDNC.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Thoughts On The Duck Dynasty Controversy

This meme expresses my sentiments exactly:

Like every other media distraction this year, from Miley Cyrus twerking to Megan Kelly's comment on "White Santa", this faux controversy did nothing else but detract from the real issues at hand, and that's exactly how those in power like it.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Treats: The Worst Christmas Special EVER!

Merry Christmas, every pony! Hope you all are enjoying your holiday, and that you received the gifts you wanted!

Speaking of gifts, the Nostalgia Critic gave everyone an early Christmas gift last night by reviewing The Worst Christmas Special EVER!—and oh boy is it the worst! Ear-raping voice acting, lazy animation, and more diabetes-inducing saccharin sweetness than The Christmas Shoes.

I kid you not: I was in stitches laughing over this. I haven’t laughed this hard from a Critic review since Son of the Mask. If you want to laugh at a holiday special so bad it’s good, then check this one out.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Treats: MLP Mistletoe

Christmas Eve can make for a romantic evening. Which is why for this MLP Christmas collection, I'm sharing mistletoe fan art.

Mistletoe Plan by *InuHoshi-to-DarkPen on deviantART

"Don't mind me! Just hanging up the mistletoe. Though if you want to take advantage of the situation, feel free to do so."

MLP: Mistletoe by ~CaseyLJones on deviantART

Aw yeah! Fluttermac mistletoe action, yo!

mistletoe by =tsurime on deviantART

And what mistletoe compilation would be complete without the Bert and Ernie of the series?

Under the Mistletoe by ~CelineSparkle on deviantART

"I can totally kiss you under the mistletoe in ten seconds flat!"

"A mistletoe cutie mark would be cool...&quot by *AleximusPrime on deviantART

Meh, I'm more of a SpikexSweetieBelle shipper, but this is cute enough.

Sweet mistletoe by ~Ojos-Color-Bosque on deviantART

Apple always tastes better with Caramel! ;)

Under the Mistletoe by ~Dunkelkatze on deviantART

Oh, and it's Rarity making the first move? She must know, not that it isn't obvious!

Dispie is late for christmas by *Mickeymonster on deviantART

Theirs is a screwy type of love!

12 Days Of Libertarian Christmas

Because the state is the gift that keeps on giving--and sadly, there is no receipt to return it with!

Appropriately Celebrating The Fed’s 100th Birthday

Seems like a few Floridians decided to celebrate the Fed’s 100th birthday last night in an appropriate manner:

Perhaps an even more appropriate celebration would be if V were to set off “fireworks” at the Federal Reserve building while conducting the 1812 Overture. Now that would truly be something worth celebrating!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Treats: DBZ Abridged: Christmas Tree of Might

Aw yeah! Forget Rudolph! Forget Frosty! Forget Charlie Brown! Forget The Grinch! This right here is the Christmas special that I love to watch every year. Yeah, the original source material has nothing to do with Christmas, but forget it, it’s Dragonball Z! Plus the joke are hilarious as always, especially with the Misfit Minions—one of which did something extremely unforgivable with Rudolph!

Is Ending The Fed Crazy?

HuffPo's Bonnie Kavoussi "refutes" 11 myths about the Fed, but Shane Killian refutes her refuations and exposes her for the Bogon Emitter that she is.

Original Video:

Bogosity Podcast for October 5, 2012:

11 Myths About the Fed:

M1 money stock graph:

"Money. Whence It Came, Where It Went" by John Kenneth Galbraith:

Source for gas prices:

Source for gold prices:

"Has the Fed Been a Failure?":

HuffPo's 11 Myths About the Fed, Refuted:

Shane Killian's YouTube Channel:

The Bogosity Podcast:

The Feminist Contradiction

Feminism is a clusterfreak of contradictions. Feminists oppose “slut shaming” of women who dress provocatively, but have no problem “slut shaming” provocatively-dressed women in the media which they claim contribute to “media objectification.” They assume that teaching men not to rape will prevent rape, but claim teaching teenagers to abstain from sex will not prevent teen sex. They claim to support a woman’s right to “bodily autonomy”, but only when it comes to aborting her unborn child, never when it involves them having consensual sex for profit. They claim to support a woman’s health, but have no problem entrusting that to a corrupt organization like Planned Parenthood that could care less about it.

My friend Mike-The-Cat recently created a presentation highlighting these contradictions and many more. Currently, it is only available as a flash presentation, but he says he will eventually upload it on YouTube. Click the link below to view it.

the Feminist Contradiction (Flash Presentation) by ~Mike-the-cat on deviantART

Surprise! Obama Wrong About Inequality!

At this point, it’s safe to assume that whatever Obama says, the opposite is always true. Obama claims you can keep your healthcare plan? Tens of thousands of Americans lose their coverage. Obama promises a more transparent government? Government knows more about you and has the power to lock you up if you attempt to know anything about it. Obama claims that income inequality is on the rise? Surprise! It’s actually on the decline:
Virtually all of the data cited by the left to decry the supposed explosion of income inequality, as Lee Ohanian and Kip Hagopian point out in their seminal paper, "The Mismeasure of Inequality" (Policy Review, 2011), use a Census Bureau definition of "money income" that excludes taxes, transfer payments like Medicaid, Medicare, nutrition assistance, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and even costly employee benefits such as health insurance.

Thus the data that is conventionally used to calculate the so-called Gini coefficient—the most commonly used measure of income inequality—ignore America's highly progressive income tax system and the panoply of benefits and transfer payments. According to Messrs. Ohanian and Hagopian, once the effect of taxes and transfer payments is taken into account, "inequality actually declined 1.8% during the 16-year period between 1993 and 2009, when the Gini coefficient dropped from .395 to .388."
Of course, income inequality is a poor measure of gauging an economy. Who cares if income is unequal? That’s always going to be the case. Equality is nothing but a pipedream.

The real concern should be whether there is enough economic mobility to allow people to rise from one income level to another. The focus should not be equality, but mobility — and to no one’s surprise, that's been doing well as well:
With respect to upward mobility, longitudinal studies conducted by the U.S. Treasury have found that there was "considerable income mobility" in the decades 1987-1996 and 1996-2005. For example, roughly half of those in the bottom income quintile in 1996 had moved to a higher quintile by 2005. The "median incomes of those initially in the lowest income groups increased more in percentage terms than the median incomes of those in the higher income groups" in that decade, while the real incomes of two-thirds of all taxpayers experienced an increase.

Here is the bottom line: In periods of high economic growth, such as the 1980s and 1990s, the vast majority of Americans gain, and have the opportunity to gain. In periods of slow growth, such as the past four and a half years since the recession officially ended, poor people and the middle class are hurt the most, and opportunity is curbed.
Funny how Obama has done the exact opposite of creating such economic growth. Then again, it would be consistent with his opposite nature.

Should I Have To Explain Why Killing Babies Is Wrong?!

There is plenty of room for gray area in morality. But sometimes, some things are black and white with no ounce of gray in between. One of those things is infanticide, which is clearly black. And while one should always have a well-reasoned constructive argument against something, as blogger Matt Walsh explains, sometimes, no argument is needed:
I don’t know how else to explain this. Can I really formulate an argument that will explain why we shouldn’t murder disabled children? If you don’t immediately recognize the eugenic slaughter of handicapped babies as something severely troubling, I’m not sure that I can offer any insights to help you understand.

You see, this is the problem. This is why we can’t come to any agreements. This is why our arguments are fruitless. They don’t have to be — arguing could be a rather worthwhile activity. But a constructive argument, or debate, or dialogue, or whatever you want to call it, requires both parties to have some shared concept of right vs wrong and fact vs fiction. Without that, neither side can appeal to the other, because they both exist in entirely different universes.

So, me personally, I’m livin’ over here in a world where it’s never OK to execute a disabled baby, or any baby, for any reason. In fact, in my universe — a universe we might call “reality” — the murder of children could be, without hyperbole, classified as THE worst thing. It is the worst of all that is bad. It is the lowest of low. It is the ugliest of ugly. It is the Pinnacle of Wrong. If it isn’t wrong to kill children, then it can not be wrong to do anything else.
Again, there is always room for discussion and debate within morality. There is room for gray area, for nuance. But some things are clearly black and white. Some things are off the table. Killing a newborn baby, regardless of its health, is one of those things.

Infanticide is wrong--absolutely, always, 100 percent wrong. No exceptions. No excuses. No ifs, ands, or buts. No pros and cons. No compromise. No discussion. No debate. No elucidation. No rationalization.

You don't need an argument for that. You just need a conscience. If you can't understand that, you are a psychopath, plain and simple, and no argument will convince you otherwise. That doesn't make me closed-or-narrow-minded. That makes me human.

So what does it say of us as a species when scientists claim there is no difference between infanticide and abortion?

The Fed: 100 Years Of Failure

One century ago today, the Federal Reserve was established, and since then, its reckless economic and monetary policies, fueled by Keynesian voodoo, has created a toxic legacy including two recessions and one great depression.

Award-winning journalist Benn Swann delves deep into the dirty details of the Fed’s devious history with help from G. Edward Griffin, author of “Creature from Jekyll Island”:

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Treats: Peanut's Twas the Night Before Christmas

I don't care what the Bunny Perspective says: Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special is freaking hilarious, especially Jeff and Peanut's take on that classic Christmas tale Twas The Night Before Christmas! Only a Grinch with a candy cane shoved up their chimney would sit through this without giving a giggle!

All Sex Is Rape? WTF Feminists?

I’ve always considered religious extremists to be preferable to feminists. For example, while Catholics are dogmatically anti-sex, to the point where they consider “every sperm is sacred”, at least they permit missionary-style for the sake of procreation. Even radical Islamists, who force women to conceal themselves head-to-toe or else risk being stoned, will allow for procreative sex.

That’s more than I can say for feminists, who view sex as a tool of the “patriarchy” to subjugate women. Of course, they’re rarely consistent with this sentiment. They consider judging women for dressing provocatively as “slut shaming”, but then proceed to judge provocatively-dressed women in the media as contributing to “media objectification.” In other words, they have no problem with “slut shaming” when the “sluts” being “shamed” are busty scantily-clad video game characters.

But then you have the extremely radical feminists who insist that “all men are rapists” and deserve to be castrated. I wish that was merely hyperbole. I really wish it was. But sadly, there are blog posts like this that insist "all sex is rape":
If we look at the act in more detail (skip this parag if you can’t take it), PIV is a man mounting on a woman to thrust a large member of himself into her most intimate parts, often forcing her to be entirely naked, banging himself against her with the whole weight of his body and hips, shaking her like he would stuff a corpse, then using her insides as a receptacle for his penile dejection. How is this a normal civilised, respectful way to treat anyone? Sorry for the explicit picture, but this is what it is and it’s absolutely revolting and violating.

...The fact intercourse causes so many infections and tears and warts attests to the unnaturalness of intercourse, that it’s not meant to be. The vagina’s primary function isn’t to be penetrated by a penis but to eject a baby for birth. They are two muscle tissues / sphincters pressed against each other to help the baby be pushed out. Penetration of the penis into the vagina is completely unnecessary for conception.
Sheesh! Even a sixth-grader with a basic concept of biology could see through this faulty reasoning.

And yes, I know this is a "radical" feminist, and thus not representative of all feminists, but in all honesty, how is this not the logical conclusion of modern feminism? When you hear feminists shriek about how America is a "rape culture", and how "all men are potential rapists", and how advising women to take precautions in preventing rape is "rape apologism", and how women are never responsible for rape and never lie about being raped, how can the logical conclusion of that twisted thinking not be "all sex is rape"?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Treats: Frozen's "Let It Go!"

My friends and I saw Frozen last Wednesday AND IT WAS AWESOME! I'm not saying it's one of the best, but it does show that the new Disney movies can hold a light to the classics.

The art and animation was gorgeous, the characters were very well-developed, and the story, while sticking with the traditional fairy tale plot, manages to break free from conventional Disney storytelling, especially with the third act which gives the biggest plot twist that M. Night Shama-lama-ding-dong wish he could still pull off!

However, its biggest weak point would be the music. Most of the songs were rather bland and formulaic and don't have the same "get stuck in your head forever and ever" factor that most classic Disney music has. (Seriously, one of the songs have the words "salad plates" in it!)

There are two exceptions. First is the very first song in the movie (which really does feel like an actual Disney song). And second is what is obviously the biggest and best song in the movie "Let It Go!" If you take the overall message of "Hakuna Matata!" and convey it with the same gravitas as "Part Of Your World", you get this song.

Words cannot describe how great this song is. You have to listen to it to experience it for yourself:

Holiday Treats: Smosh's End of Christmas (Part 2)

In the second half of Smosh's End of Christmas special, we learn how preventing George Washington from starting Christmas (and America) changes the world for the better: it brings forth marriage equality--for lamp lovers!

Holiday Treats: Grinch Dub

TJ Kincaid explain the real reason why the Grinch hates Christmas. It's not that his shoes were too tight. Or that his head wasn't screwed on just right. Or that his heart was two sizes too small. It's because his head is constantly being attacked by Tootsie Pops!

Oh, and he doesn't have a...

Holiday Treats: The Soldier's Night Before Christmas

Yes, I know this is an old story! Yes, I know it's a nauseating combination of holiday saccharin sweetness and blind patriotism! Yes, I know this is one of those chain letters that your crazy aunt forwards everyone!

But darn it, I dare anyone to read this story without shedding a sentimental tear. I submit to you that no one can. Even the most hard-hearted of souls will have their hearts grow three sizes when you read it:
A Marine stationed in Okinawa Japan wrote this poem. The following is his request. I think it is reasonable ... PLEASE. Would you do me a thoughtful favor of sending this poem to as many people as you can? Christmas will be coming soon and some credit is due to our U.S. service men and women for our being able to celebrate these festivities.

Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone,
In a one bedroom house made of plaster & stone.
I had come down the chimney with presents to give
And to see just who in this home did live.

I looked all about a strange sight I did see,
No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree.
No stocking by the fire, just boots filled with sand,
On the wall hung pictures of far distant lands.

With medals and badges, awards of all kind
A sober thought came through my mind.
For this house was different, so dark and dreary,
I knew I had found the home of a soldier, once I could see clearly.

I heard stories about them, I had to see more
So I walked down the hall and pushed open the door.
And there he lay sleeping silent alone,
Curled up on the floor in his one bedroom home.

His face so gentle, his room in such disorder,
Not how I pictured a United States soldier.
Was this the hero of whom I’d just read?
Curled up in his poncho, a floor for his bed?

His head was clean shaven, his weathered face tan,
I soon understood this was more than a man.
For I realized the families that I saw that night
Owed their lives to these men who were willing to fight.

Soon ‘round the world, the children would play,
And grownups would celebrate on a bright Christmas day.
They all enjoyed freedom each month of the year,
Because of soldiers like this one lying here.

I couldn’t help wonder how many lay alone
On a cold Christmas Eve in a land far from home.
Just the very thought brought a tear to my eye,
I dropped to my knees and started to cry.

The soldier awakened and I heard a rough voice,
"Santa don’t cry, this life is my choice;
I fight for freedom, I don’t ask for more,
my life is my God, my country, my Corps."

With that he rolled over and drifted off into sleep,
I couldn’t control it, I continued to weep.
I watched him for hours, so silent and still,
I noticed he shivered from the cold night’s chill.

So I took off my jacket, the one made of red,
And I covered this Soldier from his toes to his head.
And I put on his T-shirt of gray and black,
With an eagle and an Army patch embroidered on back.

And although it barely fit me, I began to swell with pride,
And for a shining moment, I was United States Army deep inside.
I didn’t want to leave him on that cold dark night,
This guardian of honor so willing to fight.

Then the soldier rolled over, whispered with a voice so clean and pure,
"Carry on Santa, it’s Christmas Day, all is secure."
One look at my watch, and I knew he was right,
Merry Christmas my friend, and to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Treats: MLP Christmas #2

Continuing with my MLP Christmas posts, here are a few more Christmas-related (or rather Hearth Warming Eve) pony fan art:

Christmas in Crystal Empire by ~TheNocturnalMelody on deviantART

The Crystal Empire is gorgeous all year round, but I would suspect it would be more so during the holiday season.

Christmas with the Pies by *Jiayi on deviantART
Let's have a good old fashioned Christmas down on the farm,
a little overeating never did you any harm.
Let's open all the presents eat a turkey or two,
it's a good old fashioned Christmas: yodel-yodel-le-he-ho!

It's a good old fashioned Christmas down on the farm,
let's stoke up the fire to keep our tootsies warm,
let's kick off the rooftop, sing a song or two,
let's do this again next year yodel-yodel-le-he-ho-oho-oho!

school christmas or something by ~Reuniclus on deviantART

If you think this is cute, you should see their Christmas play!

A Derpy Christmas by ~VittleVoom on deviantART

This may be embarassing, but at least Derpy made it down the chimney.

Derpy and Doctor Whooves Hearth's Warming Special by ~Cazra on deviantART

Well, if there is one thing that Doctor Who is known for--other than everything!--it's his Christmas specials.

Did Hitler Love Guns?

Was Hitler really anti-gun? Or was he actually pro-gun? Salon's Alex Seitz-Wald argues that Hitler was a big fan of guns, but Shane Killian of the Bogosity Podcast exposes his historical revisionism for the bogosity that it is.

Bogosity Podcast for 28 January 2013:

Original Video:

The Hitler gun control lie:

Shane Killian's YouTube Channel:

The Bogosity Podcast:

Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Treats: Twas The Night Before Sandy Hook

The following rendition of Twas The Night Before Christmas was written shortly following the Sandy Hook Shooting one year ago. In loving memory of the school children who lost their lives in that senseless massacre, I decided to post that poem as one of my Holiday Treats posts:
Twas' 11 days before Christmas, around 9:38,
when 20 beautiful children stormed through heaven's gate.
Their smiles were contagious, their laughter filled the air.
They could hardly believe all the beauty they saw there.
They were filled with such joy, they didn't know what to say.......
They remembered nothing of what had happened earlier that day.
"Where are we?" asked a little girl, as quiet as a mouse.
"This is heaven." declared a small boy.
"We're spending Christmas at God's house."
When what to their wondering eyes did appear,
but Jesus, their savior, the children gathered near.
He looked at them and smiled, and they smiled just the same.
Then He opened His arms and He called them by name.
And in that moment was joy, that only heaven can bring.
Those children all flew into the arms of their King.
And as they lingered in the warmth of His embrace,
one small girl turned and looked at Jesus' face.
And as if He could read all the questions she had,
He gently whispered to her, "I'll take care of mom and dad."
Then He looked down on earth, the world far below
He saw all of the hurt, the sorrow, and woe.
Then He closed His eyes and He outstretched His hand,
"Let My power and presence re-enter this land!"
"May this country be delivered from the hands of fools"
"I'm taking back my nation. I'm taking back my schools!"
Then He and the children stood up without a sound;
"Come now my children, let me show you around."
Excitement filled the space, some skipped and some ran;
All displaying enthusiasm that only a small child can.
And I heard Him proclaim as He walked out of sight,
"In the midst of this darkness, I AM STILL THE LIGHT."

Are Pro-Gun Arguments "Myths"?

Mother Jones' Dave Gilson attempted to "shoot down" 10 pro-gun "myths", but as Shane Killian of the Bogosity Podcast elaborates, his counter-arguments are the real myths.

Bogosity Podcast for 4 February 2013:

Original Video:

10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down:

Auditing Shooting Rampage Statistics:

Do Civilians Armed With Guns Ever Capture, Kill, or Otherwise Stop Mass Shooters?:

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The Bogosity Podcast:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Treats: A Smoshy Christmas!

Yesterday, I posted Smosh's recent Christmas special "The End of Christmas." So I decided that today I would share last year's special "A Smoshy Christmas."

Watching this is like watching a skit from Robot Chicken. It's fairly entertaining, even if it is slighly messed up. Then again, this is Smosh!

Is Bitcoin A Scam?

Is Bitcoin a viable alternative currency, or is it merely a scheme to be exploited by criminals? Jim Edwards argues that Bitcoin proves libertarianism fails, but Shane Killian and the others at Bogosity Podcast refute his argument for the bogosity that it is.

Bogosity Podcast for 16 December 2013:

Original Video:

Bitcoin Proves The Libertarian Idea Of Paradise Would Be Hell On Earth:

List of Businesses That Accept Bitcoin:

Shane Killian's YouTube Channel:

Tim Dyson's YouTube Channel:

Daniel Wilcox's YouTube Channel:

The Bogosity Podcast:

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Treats: Smosh's The End Of Christmas

What happens when puppet Ian and Anthony (Smosh) team up with puppet Ryan Higa (NigaHiga) and Harley Morenstein (EpicMealTime) to go back in time and prevent Christmas from happening? An epic adventure featuring lamp-kissing Asians, bacon-wrapped phones, Jack Daniel-filled wallets, and let's not forget the kick-ass musical numbers!

Also, puppets are not sexy? I don't know. Have any of these two seen "Let My Puppets Come"?

Is Public Better Than Private?

Is Public Better Than Private? by BlameThe1st

Is government better than private business? Does the public sector beat the private sector? Paul Buchheit lists six reasons why he thinks so. Shane Killian and the others at the Bogosity Podcast expose these reasons for the bogons that they are.

Bogosity Podcast for 4 November 2013:

Original Video:

Public Beats Private: Six Reasons (Paul Buchheit):

Shane Killian's YouTube Channel:

Tim Dyson's YouTube Channel:

Dukect's YouTube Channel:

The Bogosity Podcast:

Friday, December 13, 2013

Are Corporations Taking Over?

Who is to blame for America’s current political problems? The government? Or corporations? Shane Killian reprimands those who misplace their anger at corporations and Citizen’s United, and points the finger at the real problem: the federal government.

Bogosity Podcast for December 10, 2012:

Original video:

Democratic Rep: Amend Constitution To Allow Control Of Speech:

Shane Killian's YouTube Channel:

The Bogosity Podcast:

Holiday Treats: Christmas At Ground Zero

Ah, you've got to love Weird Al's work! He truly is the musical master of satire and parody. Though one has to wonder if this song still manages to hold up in this post 9/11 world, where "Ground Zero" carries a different connotation.

What am I saying? Of course it does!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Treats: The Angel on Top of the Tree!

Did you ever wonder how the tradition of placing an angel on top of the tree began? Well this whimsical anecdote provides one humorous explanation:
One particular Christmas season a long time ago, Santa was getting ready for his annual trip but there were problems everywhere. Four of his elves got sick, and the trainee elves did not produce the toys as fast as the regular ones so Santa was beginning to feel the pressure of being behind schedule. Then Mrs. Claus told Santa that her Mom was coming to visit; this stressed Santa even more.

When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two had jumped the fence and were out at heaven knows where. More stress.

Then when he began to load the sleigh one of the boards cracked and the toy bag fell to the ground and scattered the toys. So, frustrated, Santa went into the house for a cup of coffee and a shot of whiskey. When he went to the cupboard, he discovered that the elves had hid the liquor and there was nothing to drink.

In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the coffeepot and it broke into hundreds of little pieces all over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found that mice had eaten the straw it was made of. Just then the doorbell rang and Santa cussed on his way to the door. He opened the door and there was a little angel with a great big Christmas tree.

The angel said, very cheerfully, "Merry Christmas Santa. Isn't it just a lovely day? I have a beautiful tree for you. Isn't it just a lovely tree? Where would you like me to stick it?

Thus began the tradition of the little angel on top of the tree.

Is There A Gender Wage Gap?

Liberal pundits like Rachel Maddow claim there is a "gender wage gap", but is this due to "institutionalized sexism", or are there other factors at play? Shane Killian of the Bogosity Podcast provides some clarity to this issue while exposing Maddow as the Idiot Extraordinaire that she is.

Bogosity Podcast for 18 June 2012:

Original Video:

Rachel Maddow SLAMS GOP with FACTS on Equal Pay for Women:

Gender Wage Gap Final Report:

What Do Wage Differentials Tell Us about Labor Market Discrimination?:

Shane Killian's YouTube Channel:

The Bogosity Podcast:

Daily Pony: You're My Hero!

Considering how Rainbow Dash is the only pegasus in Equestria to perform a sonic rainboom--twice!--I'm surprised this didn't actually happen.

MLP FiM - ATHEWM 67 by ~Fadri on deviantART

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Treats: How The Grump Critiqued The Grinch

I love the Nostalgia Critic. I love Jim Carrey's The Grinch. So it only makes sense that I absolutely love the Critic's The Grinch review, even if he does tear the Grinch a new green one.

You have to admit that the film has its flaws--plus writing an entire coherent yet humorous review in rhyme is quite the feat!

Pony Recaps: Daring Don't

This episode was a breath of fresh air following the disappointment that was “Castle-Mania.” Even though I didn’t care for “Read It And Weep”, I thought the concept and character of Daring Doo was interesting enough, even if she is an over-the-top parody of Indiana Jones—who in turn is an over-the-top parody of 1930s action-adventure serials. So I thought this episode was fairly entertaining with plenty of action and adventure.

Her revelation as a real-life pony as opposed to a purely fictional character split the Brony community over this episode. (Then again, schisms among Pony fans are a common occurrence. Just ask alicorn princess Twilight Sparkle!) While one half was more than accepting of her being real, the other half thought it to be too farfetched.

This is a world where the sun and moon are controlled by royalty, the laws of physics can be easily manipulated by a beast of chaos, and where a lost civilization once ruled under the tyranny of an evil king can be brought back and reintegrated in the global community. I think a Pegasus who goes on daring quests to twart the evil schemes of an Aztec monster is more than plausible.

But perhaps the best part about this episode were the many subtle (and not so subtle) references to the Brony community. The many fan girl moments from Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash (though mostly Rainbow Dash) reflect the ways that fans of this show often act and react, from Dash counting down the days until the new Daring Doo book comes out to Twilight and Dash arguing over details of the many books. Clearly the show’s creators are more than aware of the Brony community and wanted to give them a small shout out.

With that said, here is the episode along with my thoughts on it:

It’s nice that Fluttershy is willing to teach baby birds how to fly, but, don’t they have a mother to help them with that? Or are they orphans? Or is the mother allowing Fluttershy to tutor them?

“Four more months!” Rainbow Dash imitating the Brony community four months ago! (Of course, if RD was really true to character, she would be counting down the exact days, hours, minutes, and seconds!)

Looks like Daring Do is going to need a medallion to get past those temple gaurds. Too bad she only has half! (Kudos if you get the reference!)

Daring Do used whirlwind. It's super effective!

He throws everything at her but the kitchen sink—though he manages to throw a bird. I bet that bird is “angry”!

Cut! Cut! Cut! "Tweeting birds?" RD, read the script! Look what it says. It says, "Dash crashes into tree. Dash sees stars". Not birds, stars! (Kudos if you get that reference too!)

Fluttershy looks absolutely dapper (and cute) in that hat.

You know what I said about Pinkie Pie experiencing Flanderization in this season? Well, I’ll let her character slide in this episode, as celebrating a random holiday about random holidays is very much in character for a pony that decided to throw two parties in a row!

This is the second episode in which Rarity complements the punch. Is this a subtle way of saying she’s an alcoholic? (Because all punch is alcoholic, right?)

“You might just say that the secret ingredient is…a secret!” Okay. I admit. That made me giggle.

Obligatory spitake is obligatory.

Party hats make everything better. Like bandaids!

A.K. Yearling. J.K. Rowling. C.S. Lewis. J.R.R. Tolkein. R.R. Martin. R.L. Stein. What is with authors having abbreviated first names?

I hope those cupcakes aren’t made from pony flesh!

I wouldn’t be an Indiana Jones parody without a map-traveling sequence. And according to the official MLP world map, A.K. Yearling lives somewhere in Vanhoover. (Oh, and this slides too. Painting an actual traveling line is in character for Pinkie.)

A.K. Yearling must be bunking with the Seven Dwarfs. They certainly needed someone else after Snow White moved out.

Logic: Knocking on an obviously broken door.

As someone who freelances for a living, I can vouch for that. Most writers are slobs.

Gee, she looks familiar.

Return of the wub face!

Sure, let’s open our top secret compartment and show off our top secret artifact before a crowd of complete strangers. Logic!

A two key typewriter? How does that work?! And don’t say it’s because they have hooves. We’ve seen that the ponies manage to utilize most average human tools without fingers or opposable thumbs. This is simply pushing it.

Obvious twist is obvious!

Oh, don’t you six bother your pretty little heads assisting the pony who is being outnumbered and outmatched by mobsters. You just sit there and keep watching like drooling fan girls!

Well, this clearly is a reference to something. But what? I just can't put my hoof on it? Something about Lords and Rings. Willy Wonka?

Like a boss!

Um, how about you two stop fangirling and assist the pony who is being robbed of a very valuable artifact?

“Should we go in and help her maybe?” Oh, NOW they realize Daring Do needs assistance!

“Are you okay?” Oh, no, of course not. Daring Do only had to mend her own leg after having it broken by three gangsters who want to sell a ring of ancient power to a Mayan monster wishing to utilize it to instill 800 years of intense heat. No problem there!

And Twilight and RD reenact every MLP fan forum discussion ever!

“It looks like we are way, way over our heads.” Um, Twi, you six have gone against the powers of evil seeking eternal night, eternal chaos, an insectoid invasion, the reclamation of the Crystal Empire, and the destruction of the Tree of Harmony. (Oh, and if canon, don’t forget the demon girl trying to invade Equestria with an army of high school students!) This little venture seems like a walk in the park by comparison.

Stop hitting yourself.

Stop hitting yourself.

Seriously, stop hitting yourself!

Adorable Face #2!

That is the face and expression of a creepy stalker.

Like every tree stands on its own
Reaching for the sky I stand alone.
I share my world with no one else.
All by myself I stand alone.

My job involves secrets—which is why I share them with the world in my own book series!

Clearly all you need to completely disguise yourself is to smash your hat and smear leaves and mud on your face. Don’t even bother changing your clothes. They will NEVER recognize you.

"Now, Ahuizotl, you know I love you, but I can't give you the ring 'til I've properly proposed."

Adorable Face #3.

Obvious and obligatory callback is obvious and obligatory.

Ah yes, the obvious action trope where a gang of well-armed assailants attack someone one at a time rather than altogether. That plan can’t possibly fail in any way!

Where exactly is this episode? The setting clearly indicates a Central American environment, yet the episode clearly establishes that it takes place in their version of Canada. I don’t recall there being many Mezo-American architecture up north, eh? Unless of course they traveled all the way down south, which I highly doubt.

Clearly she messed up on her own, so having five others helping her out will be just as bad, right? Logic!

Something tells me that slowly lowering her down into the piranha-infested waters would have been more effective that simply filling up the whole room with water. Cliché? Yes, but again, more effective.

And once he unleashes the eternal drought, Team Magma will finally be able to accomplish their goal of creating more dry ground for the Pokemon to inhabit—that is unless the legendary Groudon intervenes.

Do the spikes serve a utilitarian purpose, or are they simply aesthetic?

And when she finally releases herself from her binds, the weight of the iron shackles and bricks will drag her down beneath the waters below where, if the piranhas don’t off her, the inevitable drowning will.

What is with Pegasi not realizing they can fly?

"Drop the ring, Ahui....whatever your name is!"

Hula hoop!

What is with protagonists intentionally getting caught? They claim it’s to help them get to the villain, but the plan can obviously backfire on them.

It’s the evil monkey that lives inside Chris’s closet!

If the rings could easily be destroyed, why didn’t she just prevent all this and destroy the ring she had in the first place?

The audience now has diabetes!

Self-insert fan fiction becomes canon.