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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Treats: MLP Christmas #2

Continuing with my MLP Christmas posts, here are a few more Christmas-related (or rather Hearth Warming Eve) pony fan art:

Christmas in Crystal Empire by ~TheNocturnalMelody on deviantART

The Crystal Empire is gorgeous all year round, but I would suspect it would be more so during the holiday season.

Christmas with the Pies by *Jiayi on deviantART
Let's have a good old fashioned Christmas down on the farm,
a little overeating never did you any harm.
Let's open all the presents eat a turkey or two,
it's a good old fashioned Christmas: yodel-yodel-le-he-ho!

It's a good old fashioned Christmas down on the farm,
let's stoke up the fire to keep our tootsies warm,
let's kick off the rooftop, sing a song or two,
let's do this again next year yodel-yodel-le-he-ho-oho-oho!

school christmas or something by ~Reuniclus on deviantART

If you think this is cute, you should see their Christmas play!

A Derpy Christmas by ~VittleVoom on deviantART

This may be embarassing, but at least Derpy made it down the chimney.

Derpy and Doctor Whooves Hearth's Warming Special by ~Cazra on deviantART

Well, if there is one thing that Doctor Who is known for--other than everything!--it's his Christmas specials.