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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Treats: MLP Mistletoe

Christmas Eve can make for a romantic evening. Which is why for this MLP Christmas collection, I'm sharing mistletoe fan art.

Mistletoe Plan by *InuHoshi-to-DarkPen on deviantART

"Don't mind me! Just hanging up the mistletoe. Though if you want to take advantage of the situation, feel free to do so."

MLP: Mistletoe by ~CaseyLJones on deviantART

Aw yeah! Fluttermac mistletoe action, yo!

mistletoe by =tsurime on deviantART

And what mistletoe compilation would be complete without the Bert and Ernie of the series?

Under the Mistletoe by ~CelineSparkle on deviantART

"I can totally kiss you under the mistletoe in ten seconds flat!"

"A mistletoe cutie mark would be cool...&quot by *AleximusPrime on deviantART

Meh, I'm more of a SpikexSweetieBelle shipper, but this is cute enough.

Sweet mistletoe by ~Ojos-Color-Bosque on deviantART

Apple always tastes better with Caramel! ;)

Under the Mistletoe by ~Dunkelkatze on deviantART

Oh, and it's Rarity making the first move? She must know, not that it isn't obvious!

Dispie is late for christmas by *Mickeymonster on deviantART

Theirs is a screwy type of love!