Nuggets of Wisdom

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Miss Willis Responds

If you remember, once upon a time, I wrote an Open Letter to Tiffany Willis in response to an article of hers. Well, it seems as Miss Willis has taken notice of my response one year later and has linked to it on her Facebook page.

What I find surprising is how well received my letter was to her, as she commented that “though his logic is grossly flawed, he's a good writer”. Huh! Very rare do you find someone who not only respectfully disagrees with you, but actually compliments your writing and effort. Very rare indeed.

I wish I could say the same for her followers, who seem to have it in her head that someone like me would only reply to her because we are “jealous” or “butt hurt”, as though trying to engage in a rational discussion is only done out of spite.

The rest is your typical anti-libertarian rhetoric you find in these overtly left-wing discussions. Of particular note are those comments berating libertarians like myself of having an overtly “simplistic” and “binary” while simultaneously describing a false dichotomy between government and corporatism. One such comment:
If it were up to the libertarians,we would have practically no government at all. anarchy would reign and corporate greed would rule even far more than it does now. I am for individual rights. But I do not equate individuals with corporations.
News flash: our government is the biggest it has ever been in our history, and yet the corporations, which would allegedly take over without government, have already taken over. Everything you have feared would happen without government has already happened with it. Turns out corporations benefit most from corporate subsidies, monetary inflation, and regulatory capture created by the government on their behalf. When it comes to corporatism, corporations are merely the symptom. The disease? Well, it seems obvious at this point: government.