Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, January 5, 2014

R.I.P. Grandpa

My grandfather passed away yesterday. A few months ago, he had a pacemaker installed. The surgery was a success, but he recently developed pneumonia that led to complications, requiring him to be sent to the hospital. He would have turned 100 this year.

He was my favorite grandfather, if not my favorite relative, so I was torn when I heard the news. First time that I cried in a long while. Shameful to admit, being a guy and all, but how else could I react?

As you can imagine, the news has left me devastated, to the point where I don't feel like writing anything for a long while, perhaps a good week. I know I rarely write as it is, but this time, I have a good excuse. I'm feeling really bad right now. The last thing I need to do is make myself feel worse by writing about the stupid things going on in the world. I'm simply not in the mood. So I'm going to ignore the news and politics.

I'll return to blogging once I get over my grief. I'll share more about my grandfather and what he meant to me, so expect that sometime soon. Until then, keep me in your prayers, every pony.