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Friday, February 7, 2014

Daily Pony: Thoroughly Analyzing Frozen

Technically, this video isn’t pony-related, but it does feature pony reviewers DigiBrony and Cottonbelle (albeit in their alpaca llama forms), both who do a good job of thoroughly analyzing Disney’s Frozen.

I agree with Cottonbelle that Elsa’s ice “curse” is more of an allegory of a personality disorder (such as panic disorder) than it is of homosexuality, which is the common theory among internet discussion. I also liked how she managed to give a more in-depth analysis of Olaf. Having watch the movie, I assumed he was simply another annoying Disney side character, but seeing this review, it makes me re-think him a bit more, and see him almost as a tragic character.

Obviously, this review goes in-depth and into detail with the movie, so spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the movie: