Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hate Blog Celebrates Dead White People

Imagine there was a blog named “F*** Yeah Dead N-Words!” whose blog posts, true to its title, made light of the deaths of black people? Or suppose the blog was called “F*** Yeah Dead Kikes!” and it celebrated the deaths of Jews? How long do you think that blog would remain active until it was shut down for hate speech? Probably not very long!

Now let’s look at a real blog: “F*** Yeah Dead White People!” Yes, that’s a real blog. And yes, it’s what you’d expect from a blog with such a title.

Most of the blog posts are police reports and news stories concerning murders of—you guessed it—white people, most of whom were murdered by—you guessed it—black people. What’s especially sickening is how the blog author celebrates these deaths as “racial justice.” If a white person kills a black person, it’s a “hate crime.” If a black person kills a white person, it’s “racial justice.”

As this is a Tumblr blog, it has an ask feature where people can send notes to the blog author, and as you would expect from a blog like this, most of the notes are people telling him what a horrible human being he is.

This, of course, hardly phases him, as he claims no one should be offended by someone calling for the death of an entire race of people. (Just as long as that race is white! Calling for the death of blacks and Jews makes you a neo-Nazi! Calling for the deaths of white people make you a “social justice warrior”!)

Yes, you read that correctly: he just argued that black men have a right to rape white women because they deserve it! Where are the feminists screaming “rape culture” over this?

In fact, where are the “social justice warriors”? This is clearly hate speech, right? Oh, that’s right! I forgot: It’s only racism when white people do it. It’s wrong for white people to call for the deaths of blacks, but perfectly justifiable for black people to call for the deaths of whites because they are the oppressors and they deserve death! I wish I were making that up, but social justice warriors have argued just that. So much for racial harmony!

As for this blog, it has been up for over a month. Its content clearly violates Tumblr community guidelines which prohibits malicious speech. If you wish to report this blatant “hate speech”, send an e-mail here.