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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Is This How Honey Boo Boo's Mom Thinks?

Imagine you’re the parent of a young daughter. You take her to her annual checkup where the doctor notices she’s gained some extra body fat and even fears she might be running the risk of becoming obese. When you confess that you’ve been liberal with feeding her sweets, the doctor advises you to cut back on such sugary and fatty foods.

Now, if you’re a responsible parent who cares about your child’s health, you will listen to the expert who spent more years in medical school than you ever have in regular school.

However, if you’re a proud know-nothing whose parenting skills rival that of Honey Boo Boo’s mom—
someone who “don’t take too kindly to those elitist doctors and their fancy-schmancy pieces of paper”—then you might ignore that advice and treat your borderline obese daughter to ice cream after the doctor visit:

Guess which decision this Tumblr mother made? (Hint: the name of her blog is “This Is Thin Privilege”):
"Yes, well, I try not to deprive my daughter of anything. I think it’s more important for kids to learn intuitive eating than to make them choose between "good" and "bad" foods. I don’t think weight is indicative of poor health."

She basically gave me a look like I was saying something entirely radical before telling me to try to limit fatty/sugary foods for my daughter.

After that visit, the first thing I did was take my daughter out for ice cream.

Afterwards, I tried to tell me husband.about how I wish we could change doctors. I guess thin privilege is not understanding or worrying that such a “concerned” doctor is perpetuating a toxic environment for your daughter.
If you think that’s bad, this is one of the comments: “Next time tell the doctor that you would prefer that she not bring that topic up again.” Yes, how dare that medical expert comment on your child’s weight! You’d think she was a pediatrician who was trained to determine the healthy weight of a child!

As a libertarian, I hardly think the state should have the authority to dictate how parents raise their children or have the power to seize them if it determines that their parenting is insufficient. That being said, there are far too many people like this mother who have no business raising children. It’s none of my business how you raise your children, but the minute your willful ignorance places their health and well-being at risk, then it’s safe to say it is my business.

This seems to be part of a disturbing trend in America where parents are more than willing to shrug off the advice of medical professionals and place their children’s health at risk, whether it’s refusing to have them vaccinated, or opting to pray for their life-threatening illness rather than give them medical treatment. Then again, this all seems part of the dominate trend in this country where Americans assume, as Isaac Asimov once commented, that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

On a lighter note, here’s the top comment on the subreddit where this abysmal post was shared: “I'm sure she'll teach her daughter how to intuitively give herself insulin shots, too.”