Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Tumblr Freak Show

George Carlin once said that the world was a freak show, and that when you are born, you get a front row seat. If that's the case, then Tumblr is clearly the midway where all the freaks are showcased.

I already mentioned InternetAristocrat’s recent video Ableism. In it, he highlights some very “special snowflakes” whom—quite honestly—are hard to distinguish whether or not they are parodies or real people.

I’ve taken the liberty of taking screencaps of the Tumblr profiles presented in the video to showcase here. (Click on them to see a larger version and better read the text). As you pay witness to this freak show, see how long you can prevent yourself from chuckling. And yes, these “people” are real—so very, very real:


And people on Tumblr assume I'm the "parody" because I'm a libertarian brony?