Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why "Social Justice" Is A Joke

InternetAristocrat has done a magnificent job chronicling the insanity of Tumblr social justice warriors and detailing the extreme lengths they take to push their ultra-PC myopic worldview. His Tumblrisms video series has detailed such unintentionally-hilarious “trigger warnings” such as white privilege, thin privilege, cis-scum, and headmates. (You know how some people claim to hear voices in their heads? Some people seriously insist those voices are real!)

His recent video on ableism not only does a good job highlighting the inanity of those “special snowflakes” who feel such terms as “stupid”, “insane”, and “moron” are “ableist slurs”, but also explains why “social justice” as it exists on Tumblr is such a joke. The entire last half of his video is recommended viewing, but he summarizes his sentiments thusly:

Being a dick to somebody is being a dick to somebody. You don't need to brand that as something. You don't need to create a new term for it. Calling someone a "retard" who's actually mentally-handicapped might be a little bit cruel, but trying to say that using words that were actually created to define a condition is wrong, or that using words that happens to fit a circumstance or a context is wrong, is just silly. Using words like "crazy" and "insane" and "stupid" are not going to make someone who is retarded feel bad. They aren't going to be aware of your conversations when you are not around them. However, these people will have you think that just by uttering those phrases, that somewhere out there some autistic child is getting beaten because you say retard, is a punch line to a joke in a bar!
As someone with Asperger’s Syndrome (which is on the Autistic spectrum), I can understand why people would take issue with using words such as “autistic” or “bipolar”, as they are real terms for real mental disorders and conditions, and using them flippantly as insults downplays those disorders and the people who suffer with them.

But while words such as “lame”, “imbecile”, “hysterical”, or “moron” may have described archaic medical conditions, their vernacular meanings no longer apply, and so to assume that they offend or even “oppress” mentally-challenged people—to utilize an “ableist” slur—is “insane”! Nobody is offended by those words, and anyone who is simply lives in a sanitized bubble where nobody says anything bad ever. People like that simply need to pop their bubble and learn to live in the real world.