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Saturday, May 31, 2014

More Americans Want To Give Peace A Chance

Good news, fellow libertarians, non-interventionists, and Ron Paul supporters: the majority of Americans are beginning to agree with us on foreign policy:


Views on global engagement do not vary much across party lines. Majorities or pluralities of Republicans (52%), Democrats (46%) and independents (55%) think the U.S. does too much to try to help solve world problems, and agree that the U.S. should mind its own business internationally (53%, 46% and 55%, respectively). And close to eight-in-ten among each group agree that the U.S. should concentrate more on our own national problems, rather than thinking so much in international terms (82% of Republicans, 76% of Democrats and 79% of independents).
PolicyMic further elucidates:


The public also seems to understand that the past decade of military aggression abroad has seriously eroded respect for American power, perhaps tempering enthusiasm for more misadventures in foreign countries.


Pew also found that while there was widespread public support for anti-Russian sanctions on the Ukrainian issue, 62% of the public opposed sending arms or military supplies to the Ukrainian government.

On Syria, a CBS News/New York Times poll in September found that 68% of those surveyed did not think the U.S. had an obligation to intervene and end the ongoing civil war.
Personally, I don’t care for public opinion polls, even when they align with my personal beliefs. Public opinion simply isn’t a good barometer for truth. For one thing, it has a tendency to shift with the wind. All these Americans wanting our military to step down as the world police? Ten years ago, they were probably gun-ho for the War on Terrorism, marching in lockstep under the jingoistic notion that America should spread freedom and democracy at gunpoint. Now ten years later, they finally wake up and realize that such jingoistic dogma only make us a “blowback inducing homicidal bull in a geopolitical china shop.” Who cares what the majority of Americans believe? Most Americans are morons, and popular does not equal right.
Still, it’s nice to know that more and more Americans, as easily-swayed as they are, finally share an opinion that aligns with sanity.

(Oh, and yes, I know I'm supposed to be on hiatus, but I had to share this good news, especially with how doom and gloom I tend to be.)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Brief Hiatus

Some major things have come up in my life, and until I get those cleared out, I’m not going to be blogging for some time. I have enough crap to deal with in real life. I shouldn’t have to deal with the crap going on in the news or on-line. I can’t control the things in my own life, but I can control what I can deal with, and the last thing I have to deal with is the ongoing stupidity in the world.

And it doesn’t exactly help that Blip is going to be dropping several content providers, many of whom are my favorite reviewers from sites such as Reviewers Unknown and Mr. Coat And Friends. What makes that news even worse is that, in the letter being sent to those users, Blip is suggesting taking their shows to YouTube—which is grossly ironic, as many of those users only joined Blip because YouTube was acting like Copyright Nazis towards them!

Gah! All of this is just too much for me to handle right now! I don’t even—ugh!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

FU PETA! Autism Is Not Something To Fear!

PETA releasing controversial ads is as much "news" as the sun rising in the east, but needless to say, their most recent ad has especially put my knickers in a twist:


Let’s ignore the fact that there's no scientific evidence linking autism with dairy products. The closest thing PETA has as "evidence" are a few anecdotes of autistic children being “cured” after switching to a dairy-free diet. That alone should sound bells and whistles. First of all, anecdotal evidence is not evidence. Second—and this is important!—autism cannot be cured. Autism isn’t a disease that you can get over like a cold or a flu. It’s a mental disorder that you’re born with. Claiming that someone can be cured of autism, especially by something as simple as changing their diet, makes as much sense as claiming someone can be cured of their black skin or homosexuality. It’s pure quackery!

But let’s ignore the pseudoscience. What makes their latest propaganda most offensive is that it demonizes autism and people who have it. “Don’t feed your children milk! You wouldn’t want them to become autistic!” As though autism is the worst thing that could happen to them.

It’s the same damn thing with the anti-vaccination movement. Even with Dr. Andrew Wakefield being exposed as a quack, it doesn’t stop folks like Jenny McCarthy propagating his fallacious link between autism and vaccines. “Don’t vaccinate your children, or else they will develop autism!” As opposed to what? Them potentially dying from a preventable disease? If I ever have a child, I would rather them have a few social quirks than die from measles.

As someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, which is on the autistic spectrum, this demonization pisses me off to no end. Autistic people are not freaks. They do not all act like the character from Rain Man. Some of them, especially those with high-functioning autism, can be very intelligent and even act indistinguishable from someone without autism. Yes, most of us have trouble with social interaction, but even then, we can still lead normal lives and have healthy relationships like everyone else.


And yet, in mainstream culture, autistic people are treated like mental retards at best, sociopaths at worst. The latter is especially true following shooting sprees whenever the shooter is reported to have Asperger’s Syndrome. We saw this with the recent UCSB shooting and with the Sandy Hooks shooting.

Oh yes, the last one especially pissed me off! Shortly after Sandy Hook, some wrinkly old media hag named Sue Simmons appeared on The Wendy Williams Show where she blamed the shooting on Adam Lanza’s Asperger’s Syndrome, mouthing off about how Aspies like him lack guilt, empathy, and conscience.

Forget you, bitch! Go crawl back under the rock you came from! Autistic people do not lack guilt or empathy or consciences. Just because they have trouble decoding another person’s facial expressions or emotional responses doesn’t mean they can’t empathize with them. Not every Aspie is at risk of shooting up a school. I live most of my life without even so much as touching a gun.

So forget you PETA and anti-vaxxers and anyone else wanting to use autistic people as pawns or scapegoats to push your demented agendas. We are not demons for you to use to exploit the fears of other people. We are not freaks. We are not sociopaths. We are human beings like the rest of you—and in many cases, we’re probably more human that you will ever be!

When Are You TOO OLD To Be Watching CARTOONS?

Never, as Rebel Taxi elucidates:

Reminds me of this quote by C.S. Lewis. (Just replace "fairy tales" with "cartoons"):

“When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty, I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why I'm A Libertarian

Why I Am A Libertarian by BlameThe1st on deviantART

I’m not sure what peeves me off the most: the countless atrocities committed by government, or the people who continue to support government in spite of these atrocities?

Actually, never mind. That’s an easy question to answer. Government will always be expected to be corrupt. Human beings are expected to be rational—or at least more rational that this!

If you look at our current government and all of its abuses of power—all of the wars it has waged, all of the brutality it has wrought, all of the oppression it has enforced, all of the civil liberties it has stripped from us, all of the censorship and suppression it has enforced, all of the cronyism it has fostered, all of the blood it has spilt, all of the minds it has indoctrinated, and all of the pain and suffering and death it has caused—and yet you continue to think that it serves our best interests, you are part of the problem, and you are one of the reasons why I am, and always will be, a libertarian!

Style inspired by Cyanide and Happiness.
Concept inspired by Rebecca Cohen.

Third Parties Never Win? Tell That To UKIP!

Daily Mail

“Voting third party is a wasted vote! The Democrats/Republicans aren’t perfect, but they’re the best we’ve got. Voting third party would only steal votes from them. Third parties just can’t win!”

These are the tired arguments statists parrot to justify the illusion of choice called the two-party system. These arguments have since been rendered invalid by the recent UK European Parliament elections, which were dominated by the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP):
With 11 regions declared, UKIP has won more than 27 per cent of the vote, electing 24 MEPs, leaving Labour and the Tories to battle it out for second for the first time in 100 years.
...With only Northern Ireland left to declare, UKIP has 24 MEPs, up 11 since 2009, including its first MEP in Scotland.

Labour has 20 seats  and the Tories 19 seats in Brussels, with Labour narrowly ahead on vote share - 25.4 per cent to 23.93 per cent.

Support for Ukip has surged by more than 12 per cent, outstripping a more modest boost in votes for Labour, while the Lib Dems faced near-wipeout, slipping into fifth place behind the Greens.

Mr Farage said he was 'proud' of the campaign which has seen him humiliate the Westminster parties, pushing Labour and the Tories into second and third.

Speaking at an event in London today, he said: 'If you think you've seen the high watermark of Ukip, you ain't seen nothing yet. Our small party isn't so small anymore.'
I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, many of my fellow libertarians foolishly consider UKIP the British equivalent of our Libertarian Party. This simply isn’t the case. UKIP isn't libertarian. Libertarians support marriage equality and immigration reform and oppose the police state; UKIP opposes gay marriage and immigration and support “tough on crime” policies. At best, UKIP is like the Tea Party: socially regressive and economically corporatist.

On the other hand, with a third party like UKIP overshadowing the two major British parties of Labour and Conservative, their victory proves that a third party  not only can compete against the two major parties, but even win. (Gee, it’s almost as if third parties can win if people actually vote for them. What a concept!)

Over 60 percent of Americans claim there is a need for a third party. If the UK can fill their parliament with third party politicians during their election, what’s to stop the US from doing the same with their Congress come midterm elections this fall?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Things You C*N'T Say!

Thunderf00t always does an excellent job eloquently explaining why something is bullocks, and his recent video against political correctness—especially the feminist hypersensitivity surrounding the term “cunt”—is no exception.

I was half-expecting him to play a clip of George Carlin’s euphemisms sketch, but I guess I would have to settle for a Life of Brian reference. Seriously, how is the feminist hysteria surrounding the word “cunt” any less ridiculous that a religious mob stoning someone for merely uttering “Jehovah”? Blasphemy. Political correctness. To-may-to. To-mah-to.

And I never really understood why “cunt” was sexist. Granted, it’s not a word I'd ever use, but how is calling a woman a “cunt” any less offensive or sexist than calling a man a “dick.” They’re both terms that refer to genitalia, and they’re both used against someone who’s acting unbearably obnoxious. So why is one word considered “sexist” but the other not? It makes no sense.

Look at me! Looking for sense in political correctness!

Fiery Joker's Twilight's Kingdom Review

I always love joshscorcher's MLP reviews, and his recent Twilight's Kingdom review did not disappoint:

Elliot Rodger: WHY?

As always, the Amazing Atheist cuts through the clout of feminist hysteria to better understand the UCSB shooter Elliot Rodger and his motivations. Was he an MRA motivated primarily by misogyny, as the feminist SJWs claim, or was there more to his madness? TJ dissects Rodger’s 137-page manifesto looking for answers. His video is nearly a half-hour long, but it will be a half hour worth your time:

Support Our Troops, You Dickhead!


Today’s Memorial Day. If you’re on Facebook or any other social media outlet, you were probably made aware of that fact by a jingoistic meme informing you that today was Memorial Day and not, in fact, National Barbeque Day. Or perhaps you came across a meme reminding you that a soldier died for your “freedom” so you could enjoy a cookout today.

Don’t you just hate those uber-patriotic memes? I know I do. And so does Confused Matthew. He even made an excellent rant about them. Watch for yourself and enjoy the catharsis it provides:

Elliot Rodger Is Leftism Personified

Travis-Retriever and LordTHawkeye recently introduced me to a very interesting YouTube v-logger called Christopher Cantwell, who had some penitent words concerning the UCSB shooter Elliot Rodger. Cantwell points to the exact cause of his psychosis. It wasn’t guns. It wasn’t misogyny. It wasn’t even mental illness. It was the sense of entitlement perpetrated by leftists.

(Note: He uses the term “liberalism,” but I feel the more accurate term is “leftism.” “Liberalism” simply refers to the philosophy of individual freedom. “Libertarianism” is a form of “liberalism.” “Liberalism” is not the problem. “Leftism” is.)

He hates people because they are getting laid. He hates the women who are giving sex to the other guys, he hates the guys who are getting sex from these women, and because of that, he needs to go out and do violence to strangers.

That is every conversation with a Democrat I ever had, ever conversation with a leftist that I ever had. It's "I hate you because you have good shit. I hate that your life is going good, and that it is going better than mine, and therefore, I need to destroy you. I need to ruin all this good [bleep] because I hate my [bleep]ing life!"

That is what we see from the left in perpetuity: because they don't like good [bleep] in this world!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Why, Yes, You Are a Sexist Man Pig!

As much as I roll my eyes at the feminist SJWs brandishing their pitchforks and torches over the recent Santa Barbara shooting, I will admit that Elliot Rodger was a creepy sexist scumbag.

Seriously, if you’re a wealthy young man who attends a prestigious California university, and your biggest complaint is that you’re a 22-year-old virgin who can’t get a date, and yet you think these first-world problems are justification enough to go on a shooting spree, then you are the very dictionary definition of a privileged asshat!

I also will admit that the creepy guys defending this creep in the comments of his creepy manifesto are—well —creepy. Seriously, there’s no defending any of this:


Props to this girl for standing up to one of the creeps:


Wherein I Support (Some) Gun Control

Sigh. Something tells me this is going to cause one maelstrom of a :iconfluttershysqueeplz: storm, but I’m afraid some things have to be said.

Look! You all know me. You know who I am and what I support. I support the Second Amendment and the gun rights that stem from them. I know that gun control is a dumb idea—banning guns to prevent gun violence makes as much sense as banning marijuana to prevent drug abuse. But even someone as die-hard libertarian as myself has to concede that some freedoms have their reasonable limits.

Like any other red-blooded American, I firmly believe in the individual’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed in the Second Amendment, but recent events have since convinced me to at least re-evaluate my values—not a whole lot, but just a tiny bit.

If there’s one common factor with previous mass shootings, aside from the guns, it’s that all of the shooters involved suffered from some level of mental illness. From Columbine to Aurora to Sandy Hook to UCSB, each and every shooter was simply not right in the head. This is why I feel, at the very least, that guns should be restricted from those will mental illness.

Yes, every American has the right to bear arms, but when someone like Elliot Rodger is seeing up to three therapists at a time, and when he parents weeks prior to this shooting had him reported to the police, clearly someone like him should not be allowed anywhere near a loaded gun. Which is why, at the very least, there should be mental health screenings required for gun purchases. If you’re not a sane individual, you don’t get a gun. Case closed.

Do I believe that this precaution would prevent another mass shooting? No. Do I believe it will prevent someone like Rodger from obtaining a gun? No. But at the very least, it will at least provide somewhat of a safeguard from the mentally-challenged obtaining dangerous weaponry.

And fret not, fellow gun lovers: this is as far as I will go with “gun control.” No assault rifle bans. No national registry. Nothing else. Other than that, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Of course, I know for a fact that this suggestion will not be popular. It will please no one. It won’t please the gun absolutists who feel there should never ever been any restrictions on firearms period, and it won’t please the gun grabbers who won’t be satisfied until every weapon is rounded up and tossed into a raging bonfire. But, at the very least, it’s the most rational compromise I can make without completely selling out my values.

If you disagree with me, fine. I have nothing against you. Feel free to let me know in the comments section why I am wrong. At the very least, something like this should be brought to the table for discussion.


Just How Pathetic Are Feminists?


The recent Santa Barbara shooting was more than expected to attract the gun control nuts like flies to a fresh cow turd. What wasn’t as expected was for the incident to attract another horde of equally ravenous whiners: feminists.

Apparently, the shooter had a YouTube channel where he occasionally uploaded disturbing v-logs. One particular video had him whining about how women never dated him. This video alone was enough evidence for the internet feminazis to label him a Men’s Right Activist. CrimsonFALKE has a journal entry detailing the hysteria permeating the feminist SJW hate-o-sphere.

The irony is that, of his eight victims, only two were women. The others were men. If the shooter was truly the fedora-wearing woman hater that feminazis vilify him as, his aim would be more focused on the backstabbing bitches who snuffed him. Then again, logic mixes just as well will internet feminism as oil does with water.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Same Old Anti-Gun Song And Dance!


Oh look: yet another mass shooting by a lone gunman leaving several civilians dead or injured!

Oh look: yet more mainstream media sensationalism hyping this incident as though it’s a common occurrence, even though statistics show gun crimes and death on the sharp decline!

Oh look: yet more left-wing anti-gun hysteria demanding stricter gun laws and calling for the head of the NRA president!

I don’t know much about this story, but if I had to wager a bet, I would guess that: 1) the gunman had a history of mental health problems and was taking prescription medication for it, and 2) the shooting happened in a city and/or state with strict gun control and in an area that was a “gun-free zone.”

I don’t have to research any of this. I’m certain they are all true. Why? Because they’ve been proven true of every other mass shooting in this country from Columbine to Aurora to Sandy Hooks to this recent shooting. Every single one has had a mentally-insane gunman shoot up a gun-free zone within a gun-unfriendly city or state. Every. Single. One!

And yet every time—every single Celestia damn time!—we end up having the same discussion. We have the same debate. We endure the same talking points. We hear the same overtly-simplistic solution of “ban teh guns” from the left. Every. Single. Darn. Time!

You want proof that more gun laws won’t prevent another one of these shootings? Just recently, a similar mass shooting occurred in Belgium—which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. And yet, even when owning a gun has been made neigh impossible, shootings like this still occur. Colored me surprise!

And this is one reason why I’m starting to step away from politics. It’s all the same song and dance. This could have been any other mass shooting, and this blog post would have remained just a relevant. Why? Because it’s the same darn thing every time. Every. Single. Darn. Time!

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of saying the same thing over and over again and no one listening. It gets old real fast!

Spot On!

right book by ErinBird on deviantART

"If you don't like to read, you haven't found the right book." - J.K. Rowling

Top 10 Best Cartoons That Got Cancelled

So let me get this straight: Family Guy, which was canceled once, but has since re-aired, and unfortunately continues to run to this day, despite having long run out of good ideas, was placed on the #1 spot of WatchMojo's Top 10 Best Cartoons That Got Cancelled, but Sonic SatAM wasn’t even given an honorable mention? Bad, WatchMojo! You go to the corner and think about what you’ve done!

Other than that, this was a great list of greater cartoons that were cut down during their prime. Invader Zim. Samurai Jack. Teen Titans. Young Justice. Futurama. Ah, old memories! Sadly, the only shows missing from this list are Sonic SatAM and Megas XLR. (Chicks dig giant robots, but apparently, network executives don't!)

Disney's Big Hero 6 Teaser Trailer

I only recently learned that Disney’s upcoming animated movie, Big Hero 6, is also going to be a Marvel film. Ever since the House of Mouse purchased the comic book company in 2009, it was only inevitable that Disney would release a Marvel movie, and I think it was a safe decision for them to base it off a lesser-known Marvel comic series rather than a mainstream one. I don’t think the world is quite ready for a Disney animated Spiderman or Wolverine movie.

This is only a teaser trailer, so there’s not much to glean from it. On the surface, it seems like your typical story of a boy and his pet robot. The art style and setting seems reminiscent of the 2009 Astroboy movie—and depending upon your feelings about that movie, that could be a good thing or bad thing. Personally, I liked the Astroboy movie, though I’m probably the only person that does.

Overall, the fact alone that this will be the very first Disney-Marvel movie has my interests peaked. Will it be an epic flop, or an epic win? We’ll just have to wait until this winter to see for ourselves.

Never Imagined Seeing These In A Zelda Game

Even though I’m a huge Zelda fan, I haven’t been following the news of the upcoming Hyrule Warriors. Two reasons: One, I don’t own a Wii U; and two, the game is a spinoff of Dynasty Warriors—in other words, not a real Zelda game, just a Zelda-like game to sate the fanboys until the official Zelda game is released.

But after looking through some new screenshots of the game, one thing caught my attention. Make that two things. Two really big things! Um, anyway, I was scanning these screenshots when I came across a group of…

Zelda Wiki

…GINORMOUS GOZANGAS! Tits Jugs Cia—um, I mean it’s just Cia, the boob guy—BAD GUY! Sorry, I’m just funbags—flustered!

This lovely rack belongs to Cia. She’s the villain of the game. You can tell she’s the villain because she’s wearing as little as possible. (Funny how the media portrays female characters like that. The good girls are dressed conservatively while the bad girls are scantily-clad. It’s like they’re unintentionally enforcing patriarchal gender expectations.)

As you can tell, I’m slightly off-put by this, and I’m not the only one. Seems like this character—or rather her twin sisters—have been causing quite the stir in the Zelda fandom.

I quite frankly don’t know how to feel about this. On the one hand, being a testosterone-driven male, I don’t mind tig ol’ bitties in my games. On the other hand, this is Zelda we’re talking about. This is the “family-friendly” game created by Nintendo, the Disney of the video game world. This is the fantasy hack-and-slash game that children play because their parents think God of War or Skyrim is too gory. I don’t know. Seeing these funbags in the game is like seeing a sex scene in a Disney movie.

Then again, I don’t think it really matters to me because I don’t have a Wii U. Darn it, Nintendo, when are you going to have a price drop on that thing? I don’t want to play the new Super Smash Brothers only on my 3DS!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Go Nostalgia Critic!

I find it both hilarious and sad that a Power Rangers movie is in the works, considering that two similar movies had previously been made, and as the Nostalgia Critic pointed out, they both sucked Megazoid balls! Third times the charm, I guess?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

No No Power Rangers

I have to agree with MovieBob here: if you cringe at the idea of a Power Rangers movie, but were super-hyped when The Avengers premiered, to the point where you even camped out in front of the theater for opening night, then chances are your middle name is "hypocrite"!

Personally, I only watched the first two seasons of Power Rangers when it first came out. I was in kindergarten, and even back then, I knew the novelty of the series was wearing off. To this day, having graduated college five years ago, I’m still dumbfounded that the franchise lasted this long.

Is the television series cheesy? Yes. Is making a live-action movie out of it stupid? Undoubtedly, but no more so than any of the other movie adaptations of nostalgic franchises. It’s yet another example of Hollywood circling the drain, as they release yet another movie adaptation because they’ve run out of original ideas.

Pony Recap: Twilights Kingdom (Part 2)

MLP Wiki

We now come to the second part of the season four finale, "Twilight's Kingdom", and it's here that we see some of the bigger problems with the overall story arc. Just as a fair warning: despite the critical tone of this review, I do not hate this episode. Far from it! But admittedly, when you think about it critically, you’re going to see plot holes gaping wide than those plowed by Princess Molestia. But if you turn off your mind and allow yourself to take in the entire episode like a child, you’re going to experience a truly amazing episode, and a fitting finale for this season.

So without further ado, here’s the review of the second part:

And here we have the biggest plot hole within the story arc: the main plan of the princesses to defeat the villain is to give up their powers. This is a terribly stupid plan! All this does is leave them powerless and defenseless against a foe who has already absorbed all the magical energy from every creature in the world. I know their intention is to prevent him from absorbing their power, but even then, he’s clearly still powerful enough to take over the world. (Of course!) This is only making his victory easier. It’s like learning that North Korea is stockpiling nuclear weapons and the United States reacting by giving up their own. It only leaves yourself defenseless against a powerful megalomaniac. They might as well wave the white flag and cry “surrender” because they’re already acknowledging defeat.

But that’s not even the stupid part. No the stupid part is how they plan on getting rid of their powers…

…by giving it all to Twilight Sparkle! I’m not going to waste my time trying to figure out how exactly they’re able to do that, because apparently, alicorns are able to willingly give up their powers. I have no frigging clue how that works, so we’ll assume its possible. Their ultimate plan here is to prevent the villain from obtaining their power by giving it all to one alicorn. This is only going to make it easier for him to obtain it himself by putting it somewhere where he can easily access it. Yes, I understand that their assumption is that Tierk doesn’t know about Twilight Sparkle, and thus their power will remain hidden with her. Because clearly it’s not like Tierk has befriended anyone who knows about Twilight and her whereabouts…oh wait!

At least if the four princesses were to spread out across Equestria and take to hiding (you know, other than lounge about in their castle until Tierk comes a-knocking), at least that would force Tierk to hunt each of them down, thus giving them enough time to formulate another plan. But no! Instead, they make it all the more easier to obtain their power by giving it to one pony whom he can easily hunt down.

And now we know that evil will always triumph because good is dumb!

But I will admit: the special effects are epic!

Oh yes, I forgot (or make that Celestia forgot): Discord can detect shifts in the magical balance. Good thing he’s not with an evil villain whom he would be able to inform such a magical shift, and good thing he’s ignorant about another alicorn princess into which the alicorn magic would have been transferred into once they discover the princesses no longer have it. Oh wait…

Behold, Twilight Sparkle has achieved the level of Super Vegan!

Good thing Twilight was capable of retaining all of that immense magical energy. Seems like all of that magic being placed into one pony would cause them to overload and explode or something.

Oh yes, clearly no one is going to notice anything off. Nope, nothing out of the ordinary here. That magic is going to be kept well hidden and protected.

Power blasts? Ha! I eat power blast for breakfast!

“How could you do this?” Yes, how could the formerly evil villain possibly try anything evil?

“Oh princesses! I’m respecting your privacy by knocking on your door but asserting my power by coming in anyway!”

Oh yes, way to remain conspicuous. I’m sure no one is going to notice anything out of the ordinary which will inevitably lead back to Tirek.

Look at the purple streak in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…It’s…an awkward alicorn princess!

At least Twilight has taken better control of her crash landings. Last time, she left a nasty indent of herself in the ground.

Apparently, it took them two minutes to explain their plan when it originally took 30 seconds to do it previously.

Oh no! He’s banished them into the Phantom Zone!

“Here, I want you to have this. It’s the Millennium Puzzle. It will allow you to grow taller and master children’s card games!”

Oh yes, good thing the princesses don’t make portraits of themselves in stained glass, otherwise, Tierk would learn of the fourth. But even then, he would have to know someone who…ah, you get the idea already! This plan sucks!

Not sure what’s going on here. Is the window melting? Warping? What?

I took the cucumber sandwiches…

…and I threw them on the ground!

“I thought you would have seen this coming”
“I didn’t! I really, really didn’t.”
This is just too sad.

What’s this? The evil villain betrays the other evil villain? Who saw that coming?

“Surely you saw this coming.”
“I didn’t! I truly didn’t.”
Now that is what you call true payback!

Looks like Twilight Sparkle is caught between…a rock and a hard place!

“I wonder if he can see me from up here?”

“Yes, I can!”

At least she saved the owl.

Considering how Twilight had mentioned in “Trade Ya” the value those books meant to her, this moment should be especially traumatic for her.

Ah, hell yeah! Magical energy blasts and sheet! Now this is what I imagine a magical duel to look like. Not that cheap faceoff in Magic Duel.

And it simply wouldn’t be an epic magical battle without someone being thrown into a mountain.

Some would say this battle is exactly like something from an anime. I disagree. This is far superior. Why? Because if this were an anime, this fight sequence would take more than 10 episodes. At least this one only lasts a few minutes, like a good battle should.

“Give me your magic, princess, or else…”
“Or else you’ll kill my friends?”
“What? No! This is a kid’s show. I can’t do that. I’ll only leave them trapped in these bubbles.”
“Oh, well, then I guess there’s no real incentive to give you my magic, then?”

And with that, the final MacGuffin has been collected.

Not sure why Tierk didn’t follow them to the chest. You think he would be suspicious of them dashing off like that.

Oh I guess he did follow them. Took him long enough.

Available at a toy store near you!

I know this is cliché but…oh, freak it: TASTE THE RAINBOW, MOTHERBUCKER!

Hey, look, it’s Cerberus!

Wait a minute. Why does this seem familiar? We have the main protagonist having their magic stolen from them by a villain who has the power to steal magic, only for them to gain a new magic to defeat him and restore magic to the others who had their magic stolen.


Looks like Caramel moved to A-a-appleloossa!

Huh! I thought the rainbow box was going to rainbowfy the Old Castle of the Two Sisters. I mean, that castle was the central focus of the season, so obviously, I had assumed that would be Twilight’s castle. But no, instead we get…

…a crystal castle treefort. Meh, at least it will make for a decent playset.

And at least the new rainbow forms weren’t permanent.

“But whose is it?” Duh, I don’t know. Could it be the only other alicorn princess without a castle of her own?

And of course, they have a round table.

And with that, all is easily forgiven. I mean, yes, he did betray them all and assist an evil megalomaniac in overthrowing the kingdom and taking over, but hey, nothing serious, right?

Not as epic in the super cameo in “Equestria Games,” but at least this time we can identify everyone.

And I will say this now: this ending song is far superior to the opening song. Far more superior. In fact, I am certain that the first one was intentionally mediocre to make this one seem far better by comparison.

Cameos. Cameos everywhere!