Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, May 26, 2014

Elliot Rodger Is Leftism Personified

Travis-Retriever and LordTHawkeye recently introduced me to a very interesting YouTube v-logger called Christopher Cantwell, who had some penitent words concerning the UCSB shooter Elliot Rodger. Cantwell points to the exact cause of his psychosis. It wasn’t guns. It wasn’t misogyny. It wasn’t even mental illness. It was the sense of entitlement perpetrated by leftists.

(Note: He uses the term “liberalism,” but I feel the more accurate term is “leftism.” “Liberalism” simply refers to the philosophy of individual freedom. “Libertarianism” is a form of “liberalism.” “Liberalism” is not the problem. “Leftism” is.)

He hates people because they are getting laid. He hates the women who are giving sex to the other guys, he hates the guys who are getting sex from these women, and because of that, he needs to go out and do violence to strangers.

That is every conversation with a Democrat I ever had, ever conversation with a leftist that I ever had. It's "I hate you because you have good shit. I hate that your life is going good, and that it is going better than mine, and therefore, I need to destroy you. I need to ruin all this good [bleep] because I hate my [bleep]ing life!"

That is what we see from the left in perpetuity: because they don't like good [bleep] in this world!