Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Give Her Sriracha Or Give Her Death!

California, the least business-friendly state in the union, is forcing its only Sriracha plant to seek refuge in business-friendly Texas after harassing and burdening it with cumbersome regulations, which its CEO, David Tran, an immigrant from Communist Vietnam, compared to Communism. (When a Communist refugee compares you to Communism, you know you’ve done goofed!)

If you understood the regulatory hysteria surrounding the California Sriracha plant, then you too would be acting bat guano insane like Julie Borowski:

You’re a statist who feels government regulations are a "necessary evil" to ensure clean air and water? Fair enough. But if you think it’s absolutely necessary to place a 30-day hold on factory shipments because the jalapenos in its sauce aren’t cooked, then you’re not merely a concerned citizen: you’re an authoritarian psychopath!