Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Just How Pathetic Are Feminists?


The recent Santa Barbara shooting was more than expected to attract the gun control nuts like flies to a fresh cow turd. What wasn’t as expected was for the incident to attract another horde of equally ravenous whiners: feminists.

Apparently, the shooter had a YouTube channel where he occasionally uploaded disturbing v-logs. One particular video had him whining about how women never dated him. This video alone was enough evidence for the internet feminazis to label him a Men’s Right Activist. CrimsonFALKE has a journal entry detailing the hysteria permeating the feminist SJW hate-o-sphere.

The irony is that, of his eight victims, only two were women. The others were men. If the shooter was truly the fedora-wearing woman hater that feminazis vilify him as, his aim would be more focused on the backstabbing bitches who snuffed him. Then again, logic mixes just as well will internet feminism as oil does with water.