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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pony Recap: Twilights Kingdom (Part 2)

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We now come to the second part of the season four finale, "Twilight's Kingdom", and it's here that we see some of the bigger problems with the overall story arc. Just as a fair warning: despite the critical tone of this review, I do not hate this episode. Far from it! But admittedly, when you think about it critically, you’re going to see plot holes gaping wide than those plowed by Princess Molestia. But if you turn off your mind and allow yourself to take in the entire episode like a child, you’re going to experience a truly amazing episode, and a fitting finale for this season.

So without further ado, here’s the review of the second part:

And here we have the biggest plot hole within the story arc: the main plan of the princesses to defeat the villain is to give up their powers. This is a terribly stupid plan! All this does is leave them powerless and defenseless against a foe who has already absorbed all the magical energy from every creature in the world. I know their intention is to prevent him from absorbing their power, but even then, he’s clearly still powerful enough to take over the world. (Of course!) This is only making his victory easier. It’s like learning that North Korea is stockpiling nuclear weapons and the United States reacting by giving up their own. It only leaves yourself defenseless against a powerful megalomaniac. They might as well wave the white flag and cry “surrender” because they’re already acknowledging defeat.

But that’s not even the stupid part. No the stupid part is how they plan on getting rid of their powers…

…by giving it all to Twilight Sparkle! I’m not going to waste my time trying to figure out how exactly they’re able to do that, because apparently, alicorns are able to willingly give up their powers. I have no frigging clue how that works, so we’ll assume its possible. Their ultimate plan here is to prevent the villain from obtaining their power by giving it all to one alicorn. This is only going to make it easier for him to obtain it himself by putting it somewhere where he can easily access it. Yes, I understand that their assumption is that Tierk doesn’t know about Twilight Sparkle, and thus their power will remain hidden with her. Because clearly it’s not like Tierk has befriended anyone who knows about Twilight and her whereabouts…oh wait!

At least if the four princesses were to spread out across Equestria and take to hiding (you know, other than lounge about in their castle until Tierk comes a-knocking), at least that would force Tierk to hunt each of them down, thus giving them enough time to formulate another plan. But no! Instead, they make it all the more easier to obtain their power by giving it to one pony whom he can easily hunt down.

And now we know that evil will always triumph because good is dumb!

But I will admit: the special effects are epic!

Oh yes, I forgot (or make that Celestia forgot): Discord can detect shifts in the magical balance. Good thing he’s not with an evil villain whom he would be able to inform such a magical shift, and good thing he’s ignorant about another alicorn princess into which the alicorn magic would have been transferred into once they discover the princesses no longer have it. Oh wait…

Behold, Twilight Sparkle has achieved the level of Super Vegan!

Good thing Twilight was capable of retaining all of that immense magical energy. Seems like all of that magic being placed into one pony would cause them to overload and explode or something.

Oh yes, clearly no one is going to notice anything off. Nope, nothing out of the ordinary here. That magic is going to be kept well hidden and protected.

Power blasts? Ha! I eat power blast for breakfast!

“How could you do this?” Yes, how could the formerly evil villain possibly try anything evil?

“Oh princesses! I’m respecting your privacy by knocking on your door but asserting my power by coming in anyway!”

Oh yes, way to remain conspicuous. I’m sure no one is going to notice anything out of the ordinary which will inevitably lead back to Tirek.

Look at the purple streak in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…It’s…an awkward alicorn princess!

At least Twilight has taken better control of her crash landings. Last time, she left a nasty indent of herself in the ground.

Apparently, it took them two minutes to explain their plan when it originally took 30 seconds to do it previously.

Oh no! He’s banished them into the Phantom Zone!

“Here, I want you to have this. It’s the Millennium Puzzle. It will allow you to grow taller and master children’s card games!”

Oh yes, good thing the princesses don’t make portraits of themselves in stained glass, otherwise, Tierk would learn of the fourth. But even then, he would have to know someone who…ah, you get the idea already! This plan sucks!

Not sure what’s going on here. Is the window melting? Warping? What?

I took the cucumber sandwiches…

…and I threw them on the ground!

“I thought you would have seen this coming”
“I didn’t! I really, really didn’t.”
This is just too sad.

What’s this? The evil villain betrays the other evil villain? Who saw that coming?

“Surely you saw this coming.”
“I didn’t! I truly didn’t.”
Now that is what you call true payback!

Looks like Twilight Sparkle is caught between…a rock and a hard place!

“I wonder if he can see me from up here?”

“Yes, I can!”

At least she saved the owl.

Considering how Twilight had mentioned in “Trade Ya” the value those books meant to her, this moment should be especially traumatic for her.

Ah, hell yeah! Magical energy blasts and sheet! Now this is what I imagine a magical duel to look like. Not that cheap faceoff in Magic Duel.

And it simply wouldn’t be an epic magical battle without someone being thrown into a mountain.

Some would say this battle is exactly like something from an anime. I disagree. This is far superior. Why? Because if this were an anime, this fight sequence would take more than 10 episodes. At least this one only lasts a few minutes, like a good battle should.

“Give me your magic, princess, or else…”
“Or else you’ll kill my friends?”
“What? No! This is a kid’s show. I can’t do that. I’ll only leave them trapped in these bubbles.”
“Oh, well, then I guess there’s no real incentive to give you my magic, then?”

And with that, the final MacGuffin has been collected.

Not sure why Tierk didn’t follow them to the chest. You think he would be suspicious of them dashing off like that.

Oh I guess he did follow them. Took him long enough.

Available at a toy store near you!

I know this is cliché but…oh, freak it: TASTE THE RAINBOW, MOTHERBUCKER!

Hey, look, it’s Cerberus!

Wait a minute. Why does this seem familiar? We have the main protagonist having their magic stolen from them by a villain who has the power to steal magic, only for them to gain a new magic to defeat him and restore magic to the others who had their magic stolen.


Looks like Caramel moved to A-a-appleloossa!

Huh! I thought the rainbow box was going to rainbowfy the Old Castle of the Two Sisters. I mean, that castle was the central focus of the season, so obviously, I had assumed that would be Twilight’s castle. But no, instead we get…

…a crystal castle treefort. Meh, at least it will make for a decent playset.

And at least the new rainbow forms weren’t permanent.

“But whose is it?” Duh, I don’t know. Could it be the only other alicorn princess without a castle of her own?

And of course, they have a round table.

And with that, all is easily forgiven. I mean, yes, he did betray them all and assist an evil megalomaniac in overthrowing the kingdom and taking over, but hey, nothing serious, right?

Not as epic in the super cameo in “Equestria Games,” but at least this time we can identify everyone.

And I will say this now: this ending song is far superior to the opening song. Far more superior. In fact, I am certain that the first one was intentionally mediocre to make this one seem far better by comparison.

Cameos. Cameos everywhere!