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Monday, May 19, 2014

Pony Recaps: Equestria Games

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Finally, after two seasons, we finally get to see the Equestria Games, and it’s…a Spike episode.

I understand why most people would be disappointed. What was supposed to be a momentous episode on the much-hyped Equestria Games, which were pimped over the last two seasons, only managed to feature the actual games a few times. The rest of the episode was dedicated to Spike.

Personally, I wasn’t disappointed. I don’t care for sport episodes, let alone sports. I don’t even watch the Olympics. So it was a slight breath of relief that we didn’t have an episode that was but an animated version of them.

As for Spike, while I don’t care for Spike episodes, let alone Spike himself, I have to admit that I’ve liked the past two episode surrounding him, both this one and “Imagination Manifestation.” They actually managed to treat the character with respect and not like the butt monkey he normally is. (Seriously, wasn’t that the whole point of “Power Ponies”?) It took them four seasons, but they’ve managed to create decent Spike episodes.

What I liked most about this episode was its moral. You could never quite tell what it was going to be. At first, you think it’s going to be about facing your fears, then you think it’s going to be about not taking credit for things you didn’t do, then you think it’s going to be about being humble about your accomplishments. But no, the moral was to not let yourself down about your mistakes and to take pride in your accomplishments.

This is what I like about the series. Just when you think you have the lesson figured out, the episode takes you through a loop and gives you a completely different message. The lessons are not preachy and in-your-face. They’re very subtle, focusing more on story rather than the message.

Other than that, this was a fun episode to watch. It had great humor, great character development (at least for Spike), it nicely tied together several earlier storylines (specifically “Flight To The Finish” and “Rainbow Falls”), and the cameos we off the chart. Overall, a nice appetizer to the main meal, being the two-part season finale.

Shouldn't Spike have counted the suitcases BEFORE they left for the Crystal Empire? It would much too late now if he found one missing.

Too cute! Someone should create a human version of this.

It's nice to see that Rainbow Dash has developed so much as a character that she can give a speech about doing your best without being obsessed with winning.

Having been the pack mule for Rarity since ever, Spike really has a handle on making sure everything is packed.

Spike was taught how to remain calm by Twilight, who in turn was taught the same thing by Princess Cadence. (Ironic, since Spike nearly crossed paths with them in that exact same episode, "Games Ponies Play.")

Royal guards are good for two things: protecting the castle, and hauling asses around.

Spike prefers green gems, like everyone else prefers green M&Ms.

Question: How did Spike NOT know about his hero status in the Crystal Kingdom? Even if this was the first time he visited the place (well, first time he was supposed to visit!), surely someone would have mentioned it to him about it.

There's even a statue of him! How was he not invited to the unveiling of his own statue? How did he remain in the dark over this?

Pretty sure it was assumed that he would light the torch with his fire breath. No real need to destroy a palm fan over proving the obvious.

Shining Armor: Demoted from Prince and Royal Guard to Scooter from the Muppet Show.

Vegeta, what does the scouter say about the cameo level?

It's over 9000!

"How can Spike have stage fright?" I hear you ask. "He's preformed many times before large."

Yes, I reply, but there is a major difference between being the narrator of a school play before a few hundred Canterlot citizens and standing before a crowded stadium of hundreds of thousands.

Confirmed: Spike's last name is "the Dragon."

Ponyville Forever! Awesome! Yay! YEAH!...and Derpy says nothing. Was really hoping for "Muffins!"

"Now when I say 'This is the signal,' and press down on my foot, you light the fire."

(Whispers) "I think she's talking to you."

I told you it was over 9000!

Apparently, dragons are unable to use their fire power if they're afraid. Perhaps that's why he was unable to torch the Timberwolves in that episode that must not be named. (Pretty inconvenient. If dragons can't use their fire for self-defense--when they would probably experience fear the most--than what is it to be used for?)

At least they were dignified enough not to have him fart after exerting all that other lesser kid shows.

New alicorn power: Pyrokenisis!

Rainbow Dash does the best job of acting casual.

Spike angrily looks over his receipt: "$5 for a pencil? What a ripoff!"

Well, at least they nipped this in the bud early on. Last thing we need is to turn this episode into a "he-thinks-he-has-powers-but-he-doesn't-really" one.

This is Spike at his most Bipolar. Sad, happy, now sad!

So not only can unicorn magic be disabled, but the guards here can detect when someone is trying to use a spell. It's the TSA meets the NSA!

Also, why did they wait until now to place this security measure? Seems like they should have done this earlier.

If Ponyville wins more gold medals than Cloudsdale, do Ponyville residents get free hayburgers for every gold medal? (And will the owner of the hayburger joint end up spitting in every 50th hayburger?)

"We got silver!" (Dang! That's only a free hayfry!"

Why is there no security on the field? Even if Spike is part of the crew, shouldn't he be chased off the field by guards by now?

When did towns have anthems?

If this wasn't your expression during Spike's ordeal as a song, you're probably as tone-deaf as Pinkie Pie.

Sheesh! It was bad enough to make a baby cry?!

Of course, you can probably hear some fanboy or fangirl out there squealing how cool it would have been had one of the ice archers were designed like Jack Frost or Elsa. (Well, those two ALMOST look like Jack and Elsa!)

"Ponyville has 37 medals and Cloudsdale has 36" ("Which means I'm going to be eating my weight in hayburgers.")

"Hey, Twilight, come and let's freak out over how many free hayburgers we'll be eating. I know you really love your fast food. You're a bigger pig than I am!"

Ice arrows. Huh! You have to wonder why this isn't a Zelda weapon yet. There's fire arrows and bomb arrows, but oddly, no ice arrows.

So let me get this straight: during a competition involving arrows that can freeze anything, no one made sure to provide any precautions to prevent an accident like this from happening?

I don't care what other people think about this: That was epic!

And he has enough time to stand under his umbrella-ella-ella-a-a-a!

I have to agree with Applejack here. This doesn't make sense. We saw Spike try to accomplish something worthy of praise throughout the entire episode, and when he finally saves a stadium full of people, he just shrugs it off. I guess trying to become a hero become tiring to the point where you don't care.

Ponyville won by one medal...we're stuffing ourselves with free hayburgers tonight!

If Mulan taught us anything, it's that dragons are good for lighting fireworks.