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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why I'm A Libertarian

Why I Am A Libertarian by BlameThe1st on deviantART

I’m not sure what peeves me off the most: the countless atrocities committed by government, or the people who continue to support government in spite of these atrocities?

Actually, never mind. That’s an easy question to answer. Government will always be expected to be corrupt. Human beings are expected to be rational—or at least more rational that this!

If you look at our current government and all of its abuses of power—all of the wars it has waged, all of the brutality it has wrought, all of the oppression it has enforced, all of the civil liberties it has stripped from us, all of the censorship and suppression it has enforced, all of the cronyism it has fostered, all of the blood it has spilt, all of the minds it has indoctrinated, and all of the pain and suffering and death it has caused—and yet you continue to think that it serves our best interests, you are part of the problem, and you are one of the reasons why I am, and always will be, a libertarian!

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