Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, June 20, 2014

10 Weird Things Banned by Governments

From chewing gum and emo culture, to Valentine’s Day and Scrabble, to even re-incarnation and time travel, governments around the world have imposed ridiculous bans on the most innocuous things, and Alltime10s counts down the most ridiculous with the 10 Weird Things Banned by Governments:

But of course, most of these bans are in other countries, especially third-world dictatorships. No such ridiculous bans would ever pass in Murika, right?! We’re the Land Of The Free—gosh darn it!—and our government never bans or tries to ban stupid stuff. I mean, it’s not like our country is so obsessed with banning things that a publication like Reason Magazine has a regular monthly feature called "Nanny of the Month", right? Right?!