Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Daily Pony: Can I Keep Him?

Comic Block: Can I Keep Him? by dm29 on deviantART

C’mon, Hasbro! Quite teasing us! We know you want Twilight to hook up with Flash Sentry. You had her crushing on him in Equestria Girls, and even though you said the movie wasn’t going to be canon, lo and behold, you sneak the pegasi guard in as a Season Four cameo anyway. Just get on with it and make TwiFlash canon!

I know many fans are reluctant to see Twilight or any of the other Mane 6 in a relationship. They assume it would be the end of the series as we know it. Listen! I have faith in these writers. If they can pull off turning the main character into an alicorn princess, or turning her library house into a crystal palace, they can pull off something as simple as a relationship. Not only can they do it, but they can do it well. They have proven themselves!