Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, June 6, 2014

Evolution? More Like Dragonball Regression!

I have a confession: I did not grow up watching Dragonball Z. I was more into Sailor Moon. Now why would my prepubescent self decline to watch a show about musclebound men throwing energy blasts at each other in favor of a show about magical girls running around in skimpy outfits and short skir—I think I answered my own question there!

In all seriousness, I never watched DBZ until Kai was released in 2010, one year after I graduated college. Overall, I think the show is okay—slightly overrated, but good enough to watch. I much prefer the abridged series by Team Four Star. I feel the glaring problems with the series are easier to handle when they’re being comedically acknowledged and ridiculed. (Also, it’s abridged. In a series where the story arcs drag on for faaaaaar tooooo looooong, that’s a plus!)

With all that being said, even without having been a DBZ fan, let along having watched the series, I knew that the 2009 live action movie Dragonball: Evolution was going to be absolutely NOTHING like the anime—and if fan reactions provide an accurate enough gauge, I was right in my assumption. Even without having watched the film, I knew it sucked hard like every other live-action movie adaptation ever.

How bad is Dragonball: Evolution? It’s so bad that its CinemaSins video is more than 22 minutes long! Most “Everything Wrong With” videos are less than five minutes. So when a movie forces it to exceed its normal time frame, you know that movie sucks major dragon balls.