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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Good Week To Be A Libertarian

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Being a libertarian in a country where one’s individual rights are being slowly stripped away by both Big Government and Business, reading the news can be frustrating, even depressing; but this week has provided good news to those who value individual liberty and freedom.

Just this week, Utah has struck down its same-sex marriage ban, New York City has struck down Bloomberg’s large soda ban, Florida has banned schools from suspending students for playing with their toaster pastries, and the U.S. Supreme court has ruled warrantless cell phone searches unconstitutional, and has slammed Obama's unconstitutional executive overreach for being, well, unconstitutional and overreaching.

Oh, and my home state of Virginia has qualified libertarian Robert Sarvis for the U.S. Senate race. But they haven’t approved him for the debates. Sigh. Well, I guess not every news story can be fully good.