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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nintendo E3 Digital Event Recap

Earlier today, Nintendo held its special ‘Digital Event’ for E3 2014. Since Nintendo’s press conference is the only one that matters (:iconfluttershysqueeplz: Microsoft and Sony! Imma Nintendo fan boy!), here's the full video presentation followed by my initial thoughts and reactions:

• Really loved the clay animation! Very reminiscent of Robot Chicken. (In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Robot Chicken animators made this.) My only complaint is with the jokes aimed at the stereotypical Nintendo fan. Seemed rather mean-spirited to me, especially since Reggie torched a guy for asking about Mother 3. “How dare you request that we localize a game that has a massive fan following. Who do you think you are? Paying, loyal customers willing to throw money at us?”
• Reggie vs. Miyamoto? :iconfluttershysqueeplz:  Goku vs. Superman! This is the battle of the century! Good way to introduce the Super Smash Bros. announcements.
Super Smash Bros. The Mii Fighters are a fitting touch. I was hoping that Miis would be incorporated back in Brawl. (We had the ability to use our Mii characters in Mario Kart. So why not Smash Brothers?) And now not only can you use them, but customize their fighting styles (brawlers, swordfighters and gunners) and moves. With so many potential combinations, the creativity is boundless.
• October 2014? What? WHAT?! What do you mean you’re pushing the 3DS release date to October? You said we would have it this summer! Fffffffuuuuu—
Amiibo. I don’t care for Skylanders. I don’t care for Disney Infinity. So I don’t care for this cash-grabbing marketing gimmick.
Yoshi’s Wooly World. I don’t care what the developers say! This is Kirby’s Epic Yarn with Yoshi.
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Meh. I guess this was inevitable. Luigi has Luigi’s Mansion and Super Luigi Wii-U. Peach has Super Princess Peach. And now Toad has his own game. Only a matter of time until Bowser has his own title. Interesting game, but it doesn’t make up for the lack of an original Mario Wii-U game. (C’mon, Nintendo, where is the Wii-U equivalent to Super Mario Galaxy?)
Hyrule Warriors. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I don’t care for this game, as it’s merely Dynasty Warriors with Zelda characters. Though in all fairness, the fact you can play as different Zelda characters is quite appealing. Aside from Link, you can play as Zelda (finally!), Impa, and Midna—which is surprising, considering most Zelda fans hate her, even more so than Navi. Apparently, there are going to be other playable characters from previous Zelda games. Wonder who else they will use. Personally, I’d like to see Nabooru (Ocarina) or Byrne (Spirit Tracks). Or perhaps the three goddesses (Din, Nayru, and Farore) can make an appearance. That would be epic!
Zelda WiiU. Ah, :iconfluttershysqueeplz: yeah! Now this is reason enough for me to buy a WiiU. A new Zelda game? And it’s going to be an open-world explorer like the original Zelda game? Shut up and take my money, Nintendo! Seriously, the graphics are more than gorgeous, and it will be interesting to have a game that breaks from the usual formula and allows you to explore an open world. Sounds like the Nintendo equivalent of Skyrim. I SAID SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY, NINTENDO!
• When I saw the trailer with the kid exploring the forest and cave, I thought it would be for Zelda. Miyamoto has said that he was inspired to create Zelda from his childhood experiences exploring the forest and caves in his backyard. But nope. It’s a Pokémon trailer!
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. As with Blaziken, the final forms of the two other Hoenn starters (Swampert and Sceptile) are going to have their own Mega Evolutions. So yes, if you do liek Mudkips, you can mega-evolve too! Makes you wonder what other Hoenn Pokémon are going to get Mega Evolutions. (You know what would be awesome? Know how you can get the Kanto starters in Pokemon XY? What if in these games you can get the Johto starters, and their final form have Mega Evolutions? That would be 20 percent cooler!)
Bayonetta 2. Never played the original. So no thoughts on its sequel. Though I wonder how its fans feel having to switch consoles just to play it. Probably not too happy about it.
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. It’s Kirby’s Canvas Curse with clay. What else is there?
Xenoblade Chronicles X. Never played the original games, but from what I hear, them being released in the states were a big :iconfluttershysqueeplz:ing deal. So I can only assume this sequel is a big :iconfluttershysqueeplz:ing deal.
Mario Maker. An official make-your-own-Mario game platform creator? Seems promising enough. But considering how any tech-savvy fan can hack old Mario emulator roms and create their own games with them, you have to wonder how well this game will fare.
Splatoon. A game where you turn into a squid? The fact this comes from Japan give it a very iffy subtext. Other than that, meh!
Super Smash Bros. Queen Palutena? Meh. I would have preferred the snarky wit (or witty snark) of Hades, but she will do. Also, anime-style trailer. Awesome!

So those were my thoughts on Nintendo E3 2014. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.