Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Social Contract Does Not Hold Up In Court

Shane Killian recently released a video explaining how statists should better defend their positions. This video should be required watching for statists before they attempt making arguments against libertarianism and anarchism.

It’s a lengthy video, but every minute is worth the watch. If anything, it’s worth watching just to hear Shane say “You can point a gun at me and make me say 'I'm Twilight Sparkle!' but that won't make it so.”

In all seriousness, the part is when he exposes the absurdity of the Social Contract, explaining how it would never hold up as a legal contract in a court of law:
Plaintiff: But your honor, he agreed to the agreement!

Judge: How?

Plaintiff: He was born into it!

Judge: Oh, come on! We don't have slavery in this country! Haven't you read the 13th Amendment?

Plaintiff: Okay, yeah, but his parents agreed to it!

Judge: Parents can't enter into a contract for a minor, you know that. Your contract would with the parents, but the minor can cancel it at any time, even after reaching the age of majority.

Plaintiff: But he didn't! He turned 18 and didn't cancel it!

Judge: Didn't you hear what I just said? You don't have a valid contract with the parents to begin with! And even if you did, it does NOT IN ANY WAY bind the child to agreeing to it!

Plaintiff: But he didn't actually say he disagreed with it until now!

Judge: Come on! That's tacit consent, and no court in the civilized world upholds that.

Plaintiff: He agreed to it because he didn't move somewhere else!

Judge: I'm THIS CLOSE to jailing you for contempt of court! Because he didn't move somewhere else??? The only way inaction can be considered agreeing to a contract is through estoppel, and you KNOW that doesn't apply here!

Plaintiff: I think it does! Because we fed him and he took the food!

Judge: So, you're saying that a slave agrees to be enslaved when he accepts a meal from his master? Give me a break! Two days in jail for contempt of court! Bailiff, take him away!