Nuggets of Wisdom

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This Week In Tumblr Social Justice

Many people ask me why I left Tumblr. To help answer that question, I’ve decided to start a new regular feature on this blog. Every week, I’ll venture into the wilderness known as Tumblr in search of the man-eating carnivores known as feminist SJWs, and come back here to civilization to showcase and ridicule what I have found. So come with me as I embark on a safari through the Tumblr badlands where those with pale complexions can hardly survive:

Now here is a prime example of how Tumblr feminism can almost be viewed as a foreign, barbaric culture. Most people within the civilized world interpret smiling as a friendly gesture. Tumblr feminists, on the other hand, interpret it as a threat, and thus provocation to slit someone’s throat. Yikes! Someone keep Pinkie Pie away from these sociopaths.

And here I thought I loved playing my Nintendo 3DS because its games offer an entertaining deviation from the daily grind. No. Clearly I only play video games as a way to control my testosterone-induced urge to rape. If it were not for video games, my mind would revert back to my caveman instinct and I would end up raping every moving thing that has a vagina.

Just because its natural doesn’t mean people have to know about it. You know what else are natural bodily functions that are censored by society? Peeing and pooping. You don’t see people walking around with yellow and brown underpants as a way to fight the systematic oppression of having to use the restroom rather than defecate on the sidewalk.

If these people truly cared about "social justice", they would see this as a brave affirmation of one's sexual identity in the face of heteronormativity, not as an act of sexism. “What do you mean you’re not attracted to women? What are you, sexist? Everyone knows that sexual attraction is something that you choose rather than something you are born with. Just ask the Evangelicals!”

What this artist doesn’t realize is that the One Piece characters already depict different nationalities. The manga’s creator, Oda, has revealed that Luffy is Brazilian, Zoro is Japanese, Nami is Swedish, Usopp is African, Sanji is French, Chopper is Canadian, Robin is Russian, Franky is American, and Brook is Austrian. But of course, I’m sure that feminist SJWs will try to retort with “But half of those are WHITE nationalities, shitlord!”

And here we have yet another post where someone shows ignorance of the show they’re appropriating to push their own insipid ideology. (Because world peace only existed before those evil white people came along!) What this cretain doesn’t understand is that the Four Nations within the show are based off of Asian cultures. The Fire Nation is based off of Imperialist Japan, as it was the first nation to be industrialized and militarized. Let’s not forget that Japan was one of the Axis Powers in WW2. But I guess that doesn’t count because we evil white people dropped a bomb on them and caricaturized them within our anti-war propaganda, right?

What’s especially ironic about this is that feminist SJWs are always complaining about white people appropriating other people’s culture, and yet here we have an SJW appropriating Asian culture in order to bash white culture. The irony here requires asprin to endure.