Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, June 30, 2014

Voice Actress Shares AppleDash Art For Pride Day

If a voice actor ships two characters that she voices, does that make the shipping canon? Probably not. Either way, it was a nice gesture for voice actress Ashleigh Ball to post this AppleDash fan art to commemorate World Pride Day:

I know many of my followers do not believe in gay marriage. Personally, neither do I. But just because you don’t believe in something, doesn’t mean you have to force others to believe the same way you do. I’m not asking everyone to support gay marriage. I’m not even asking everyone to support it. All I ask is that you all at least tolerate it.

With the Fourth of July around the corner, I think it’s important to remember the true meaning of freedom: it’s not being free to do what you want to do, it’s allowing others be free to do what you don’t want them to do. That’s how it works in a free country like ours!