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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Coming Soon: The Yellow Journal

USA Today

In a world that seems to be devolving into total insanity each and every day, to the point where the daily news headlines could easily be replaced with those from The Onion and no one would notice, the only way for the sane to cope with it all is to point and laugh at the encroaching insanity. As the Nostalgia Critic once explained, laughter is a defense mechanism, with comedy helping us confront the bad things in our lives and cope with it. So if you can’t beat them, ridicule them!

Which is why I’m pleased to announce a new weekly feature known as The Yellow Journal. Every week or so, I’ll see if I can outdo the nonsense that I regularly blog about by writing my own satirical new articles in the spirit of The Onion or The Wishwashington Post. With the Yellow Journal, the news is so f***ed up that it almost seems real.

I’ve been meaning to jump into satire for quite some time now, and with all of the crazy stuff happening in the world, inspiration is rather easy to come by. In fact, I sometimes scratch my head and wonder how satire manages to remain afloat when most real news stories tend to be far more ridiculous than the satirical ones in The Onion. (As I said: no one would hardly notice if the real headlines were replaced by those from The Onion.)

As a writer, I’m rather bummed that my blog posts are rather boilerplate with very little of my creativity being expressed. These regular satirical articles (which I plan on writing at least every week or other week) should help provide an outlet for my creativity and put to better use my writing skills. Because sometimes you want to do more with your writing that complain.

On a side note, I’m still trying to figure out a good name for the fictional publication of these articles. I’ve so far settled on The Yellow Journal (the pun should be obvious), but it’s not definite. I’m also contemplating Fish Wrap Press, The Broken Mirror, and The Observer and Report. If any of you have any ideas for better titles, feel free to let me know.