Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Open Thread: What Peeves You Most About Fanboys?

Fanboys: they love what we love, but sometimes they love it too much, and that's why we love to hate them. Steve Shives lists the five stupid things about fanboys that we all hate the most:

For me, as a brony, I see point #3 all the time in the Brony community, as they seem to think G4 is the only good adaptation of the franchise. Okay, I'll give it to them that G3 sucked, but G1? It may not have been perfect, but cut it some slack: it was the very first in the series, and the first try isn't always the best. (Plus, it was created in the 80s when most other animated series had low standards.) Otherwise, it's mildly entertaining for what it was.

And then there's #5. Am I ashamed to be a Brony? Not in the least. Am I ashamed of other bronies? Yes. The fact that pony porn exists is a given reason why. You're entitled to your own fetish, but at least have the decency of tagging your work as mature so some unrespecting kid doesn’t accidently stumble onto it.

But that's enough about me and my fan community. What about yours? How are the points in Steve's video applicable to your favorite franchise? What about the fanboys (or fangirls) in that do you hate the most? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.