Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, July 18, 2014

Thank Black People For Summer

Do you enjoy munching on potato chips and licking an ice cream cone (made using an ice cream scoop) while lounging in the cool of the air conditioner right before going out for a super soaker fight? Well, you can thank black people for all that:

I may not be a “social justice warrior,” but even I have the common decency to realize that the question “why haven’t black people invented anything?” should never be asked by any self-respecting person, especially a full-grown white person privileged enough to have received an elementary school education, and especially since that question can easily be answered with a simple Google search.

Having sat through many classes during Black History Month in elementary school, I can already tell you that the most famous African-American inventor, George Washington Carver, developed over one hundred uses for the peanut, the most famous of which being peanut butter.

Then again, sadly enough, there are people out there who not only believe that black inventions are myths, but insist that peanut butter doesn’t count because “peanut butter is a recipe, not an invention!”

Yes, people are just that ignorant and racist!