Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, July 3, 2014

This Is Feminism Done Right!

If you regularly follow my blog, you can see that I often harp on feminists. It’s not that I have a problem with “feminism,” per say—or at least with the concept of equality for women. Far from it! I firmly believe that women should have the same opportunities as men (though that doesn’t necessarily guarantee them the exact same results).

The problem is that feminists try to go about achieving their goals the wrong way. They seem to think that the best way to lift up women is to tear down men. “All men are pigs!” “Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle!” “All men are rapists! Teach men not to rape!” “Check your privilege!”

The only thing this accomplishes is making all feminists look like man-haters. If feminists truly value equality, then they should empower women by lifting them up, not by tearing others down.

A perfect example of this is the art of Carol Rossetti, who has created dozens of illustrations designed to empower women, encouraging them to be the individuals that they are rather than conform to what others want them to be. This is how you promote equality: by promoting individuality, not collectivism. If feminism was more like this, then I would consider myself a feminist.

PolicyMic has showcased 18 of Rossetti’s illustrations, which you can view here, but here are just a few of my personal favorite: