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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This Week In Internet Social Justice (07/02/2014)

I’ve decided to rename this feature by replacing “Tumblr” with “Internet.” The reason being that the current brand of militant politically-correct social justice feminism is not isolated to Tumblr alone. It’s rampant all across the net.

If “social justice” is a disease, then “social justice warriors” are the plague rats carrying it and “Tumblr” is but one of many ships by which they spread, with the “Internet” being the trading routes by which they travel.

So allow me to apply the pesticide of “critical thinking” and go over some of the more ugly cases of internet social justice this week:

Personally, I wouldn’t give the time of day to any girl wearing such a shirt. I’ll take Velma, Belle, or Twilight Sparkle over any anti-intellectual bimbo. But apparently, even when a guy like myself agrees that such a shirt portrays women in a bad light, we’re still maligned by feminists. “How dare you agree with us that something is sexist?! We don’t need your manpinion, you mansplainer! CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!!!”

“What’s this? Your boyfriend expects you to contribute to your relationship by pulling your own weight around the house? That patriarchal chauvinist! What’s next? He’s going to demand you quit your job and stay inside the kitchen barefoot and pregnant? Dump his sexist ass! You’re too good for him, girlfriend.”

Our first entry from Twitter. The background to this is that Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott recently launched a government initiative to combat domestic violence, forced marriages, and female circumcision. As all of these things are issues that feminist SJWs care about, you’d think SJWs would be supportive of Mr. Abbott, right? Ah, but you forget: Tony Abbott is a privileged white cisgendered male, so anything that he does is oppressive, even if he’s helping fight oppression. And as this tweet reveals, not all violence is bad because the white man deserves to die. “Death to the oppressors!”

Yet another gem from Twitter—this time, predictably enough, concerning the Hobby Lobby Scotus decision. Clearly the only thing more oppressive than Hobby Lobby insisting that it should not be forced by women to fund their contraception (even though the issue Hobby Lobby had was not with funding contraception—which it already provided and covered 16 types—but with funding two types that were abortifacients) were the ignorant masses who assumed that only women can get pregnant. You know what other cis-gendered pig claims that only women can get pregnant? Biology! Nature has a well-known anti-woman bias, after all.

“Did you know that there has never been a white soccer fan? It’s true. White people don’t like soccer, and if they claim they do, they’re clearly lying racists. Proof? Well, Ann Coulter said that soccer was un-American, and she’s as white as bread drenched in milk. So that must mean all white people think like her. No, I’m not generalizing. White people can’t be generalized. Only POC can be. Shut up, racists!”

Last time I checked, men still have to pay for condoms, and some women’s restrooms dispense free tampons and pads. You’re not oppressed for having to pay for basic toiletries—unless you think paying for toilet paper counts as oppression by the hands of the white patriarchs.

Uh, I don’t recall there ever being a “racist” version of the Wizard of Oz. I also don’t recall Bert Lahr ever being African-American. When was the Cowardly Lion ever played by a black man? The only time I can think of was in The Wiz, which is supposed to be a colored version of the Wizard of O—you know, so black people don’t have to feel left out.

And now I’ve saved the best for last. No commentary is needed for this, mostly because it’s hard to make heads or tails of this SJW word salad. But congrats to anyone who can translate it!