Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stand With Ferguson! Justice For Mike Brown!


Were it not for the word “police” slapped across the chest and vehicles of these jackboot thugs, one would assume that these pictures were taken from a war zone in some third-world craphole like Palestine or Iraq or the Ukraine. But no. They were all taken right on the soil of our country’s own Heartland. We’re no longer heading towards becoming a police state. We are one.

And yes, I am well aware that the Ferguson protesters have been rioting and looting and pillaging the city. Their actions are wrongheaded and counterproductive, and there is no excuse for burning down the stores of innocent business owners. However, it should be remembered that these protests started out peaceful. The protesters had no intention of committing violence. They merely wished to gather at the police station in solidarity against the recent and most egregious act of police brutality. However, once the police showed up in their riot gear to fight back against the unarmed protesters, that is when all hell broke loose.

And yes, I am also well aware that details remain hazy about Mike Brown’s murder. Some eyewitnesses claimed that Brown instigated the cop and provoked him to self-defense. Others claim that the police officer’s actions were unwarranted. The narratives remain conflicting, and we still don’t know everything about the incident. However, considering current events, considering the track record of police brutality within this country, I find it safe to assume that the officer was clearly in the wrong. There have been far too many innocent people killed by cops than cops killed by criminals. So my condolences remain with Mike Brown, and not the armed thug who shot him.

I stand with the Ferguson protesters for the very same reason I stood with Cliven Bundy and his supporters earlier this year: I would rather be on their side than on the side of the ever-expanding, ever-corrupt corporate police state. Sadly, I have seen far too many conservatives—specifically Republicans—speak in favor of the police and against Brown, considering him to be yet another “criminal thug.” If you’re more than willing to stand with jackboot thugs who have no regard for the law they've been sworn to serve and protect, and are more than willing to spill the blood of unarmed protesters, then perhaps you should sit down and rethink your priorities, because you are clearly on the side of big government tyranny.