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Monday, September 22, 2014

Who Needs Satire When You Have Feminist SJWs?

I’m afraid that I don’t have a Daily Bungle article this week, but to make up for it, allow me to share this “satirical” article.

A promotional video for a Canadian sports stadium featuring a clip of three cheering female fans raised objections from feminists who claimed the video was sexist. Why? Because the clip of the three cheering women was filmed in slow-motion. Why does that make it sexist? Because Baywatch also had slow-motion, and that show objectified women; and because this clip also had slow-motion, that totes made it sexist by association.

Now, in a sane world, this criticism would be met with a rowdy bout of laughter. But since we don’t live in a sane world, the criticism led to the 17-second clip being pulled, with the stadium owners issuing a formal apology.

This was the offending clip in question:

That clip was clearly dripping in misogyny, wasn't it? It's not like sport stadiums don't frequently videotape clips of other crazy sports fans in slow-motion. Nope. It's only "teh wymynz!" who are subjugated to such patriarchal oppression. Clearly the women in the Middle East who are forced to wear hijabs and are regularly beaten by their husbands are far more fortunate than these three poor objectified women.

Sounds like a story ripped from The Onion, right? Almost sounds like satire I would write for the Daily Bungle? Nope. Once again, satire has failed to be more absurd than reality. This news story is totes real!

If there’s a slight sparkle of sanity, it’s that the three women who were featured in the clip had no problem being featured in it. If anything, they were more offended that the clip was taken down:
All three women featured in the video have said they are confused as to how it could have possibly been construed as offensive.

One of the women, Emily Guedes, said she wasn’t just OK with the video — she was offended that it was taken down.

“What’s misogynistic is the fact that men are in the videos . . . but not a couple of women,” she said.

“I’m am not offended by the video but adamantly offended by their removal of it.”
Once again, feminists have proven that not all women agree with their narrow-minded agenda.