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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Coming Nov. 1: The Black Stallion

A skilled unicorn in search of an ancient artifact. A lost pegasus who lost his memories. A wandering swordpony who wields his sword against evil. When these three colts cross paths with the Mane 6 in Ponyville, they begin encountering dark forces that suddenly befall the otherwise quiet town. Now they must team up to thwart the devious plans of the Shadow Clan and their mysterious leader, the Black Stallion.

A 12-part epic fan fiction premiering Nov. 1.


Five years ago today, I started my deviantART gallery here as an extension of my blog. Since then, I’ve made plenty of good friends and gained a modest following of almost 300 watchers. To commemorate this most momentous milestone, I wanted to do something big. What exactly? I had no idea.

I then remembered that it was nearly three years ago when I also started blogging about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which was then still an emerging cartoon franchise reboot. Up until then, I mostly blogged about politics, but I desperately wanted to talk about something else, anything else. Adding ponies to the mix may have seemed as dubious as mixing water with oil, but admittedly, the colorful cartoon ponies helped provide the much needed pick-me-up after depressing myself with political discussions.

Around that time, the show was just starting its second season, and while the first one got me interested in the series, it was the second season that had me hooked. The only thing I loved more than the show itself was the ton of fan works inspired by it: fan art, fan animation, and yes, even fan fiction. Being a writer myself, I desired to use my talent to help express my love of the show and the inspiration that it gave to me and everyone else.

So around that time, I embarked on the advantageous endeavor of writing my own My Little Pony fan fiction. For months, I worked on it in bits and pieces and even managed to write half of what I wanted to write. Sadly, real life kept interrupting my creative flow, and I soon fell into malaise. My fan fiction was left sitting within my jump drive collecting dust for three years. I wouldn’t say that I had forgotten about it. I still had it on my mind, but the will to continue working on it had since left me.

That is, until now.

When I was wondering what I should do to commemorate my five year deviantART anniversary and my fast-approaching 300 watchers, I decided to return to my fan fiction and finish what I have started.

That’s right, fillies and gentlecolts: as a gift to all of you, and as a display of love for my current favorite series, I will be sharing my fan-fiction with you all.

This fan fiction, entitled “The Black Stallion,” will be a 12-part series. I plan on releasing a chapter every week starting on Nov. 1 So far, I have about six or seven chapters completed, and I hope to have the entire series completed by the time the last few chapters are set to be released.

As this story was written back during season two, that is when the fan fiction will take place, though there will be changes to reflect the changes in the series since then.

This fan fiction will contain three original characters: one that I created myself, and the other two from two other deviantART users. I have recently asked their permission to use their characters, but have not heard anything from them. Though to be fair, I never really asked Hasbro if I could use their characters, so either way, I will be using them unless the original creators ask me not to. Then I will change my story accordingly.

Within the next few days, I will be revealing bios of the other characters, and within the next few weeks, I will be posting teasers for the fan fiction.

I hope you’re all excited about this. Because I’m certainly am. It’s high time I stir my creative juices. For too long, my writing has been used to gripe about the bad things in the world. Now it’s time to use them to create something good.