Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dark Stallion Teaser #2


In less than a week, my fan fiction The Dark Stallion will make its debut. I'll be releasing a few teasers until then. Here's one of them:


The next morning, Rainbow Dash was busy zipping across the sky to clear away the excess clouds that had formed during yesterday's storm. As always, she had cleared away the clouds in record time. She flew over to a lone cloud to sit and admire her handiwork.

“Dashie girl, you’ve really outdone yourself this time!” she bragged to herself. “I challenged myself to clear this sky in ten seconds flat, and I did. Naturally!”

Just then, a loud crash erupted behind her, nearly causing her to fall off her cloud. She turned to see something--or rather, someone--plummeting toward the ground. Even though it had flown past her at breaking speed, Dash recognized the falling object as a purple pegasus.

In a gasp, Dash dove off the cloud and after the pegasus. She soon gained enough speed to fly alongside him as the two of them began nearing the ground. Inspecting him, she noticed that his eyes were barely open and his wings were lifelessly limp. Dash wrapped her legs around his body and lifted her wings, causing the two pegasi to glide across the ground before either could crash into it. Unfortunately for them, they flew into the marketplace, crashing through a series of carts and stalls until finally crash landing into a stall of rugs. The crowd around them began to panic as they crowded around the two fallen pegasi.

Dash had just enough strength remaining in her to pick her head up and look at the pegasus she had saved. He was purple with wavy black hair, black ears, wings, and hooves. His eyes, barely open, were green like his cutie mark—a gust of wind.

Those were the most details Rainbow Dash could recognize before she quickly collapsed and passed out.


The Dark Stallion premieres Nov. 1.