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Sunday, October 12, 2014

MLP Villains: Flutterbat

MLP Wiki

Originally, I was going to make this post about Sunset Shimmer, but I’ve since decided to cover Flutterbat instead. Three reasons: One, Sunset Shimmer really isn’t that interesting of a villain; two, Flutterbat, while technically not a villain (though she is an antagonist), is far more fitting for the Halloween season; and three, Flutterbat is awesome!

Oh well! It appears Sunset will have to wait next year for her time to Shimmer. (Rimshot)

To help Applejack rid her orchard of fruit bats, Fluttershy used her stare on them while Twilight cast a spell to make them lose their appetite for apples. Unfortunately, their fruit bat instincts were accidently transferred into Fluttershy, transforming her into a bat pony. Now she scours the night in search of fruit to feed her new bat pony quench for fruit juice.

And here is just a sampling of my favorite fan art of her:

Flutterbat by WillDrawForFood1 on deviantART

She is the terror that flaps in the night. She is the noun that verbs your other noun. She is Darkwi--er, Flutterbat.

Flutterbat! by bnob on deviantART

Absolutley lovely! Looks like a video game cover.

Flutterbat! by fShydale on deviantART

In the apple orchard, no one can hear you scream.

flutterbat by otakuap on deviantART

Who would have guessed that a fruit batpony's favorite game would be bobbing for apples?

Flutterbat Brushies by BaldDumboRat on deviantART

Am I the only one who thinks that a bat would make for a cute pet? Forget bunnies or hamsters. Give me a flying mousie, please!

Luna Knight Flutterbat by Inkwell-Pony on deviantART

If Flutterbat was unable to revert back to her normal self, chances are Luna would have given her a job as one of her royal guard. Those bat ponies had to come from somewhere.

Flutterbat by Kawaii-DesuDesu on deviantART

Forget Princess Luna! Flutterbat is the real pony of the night. (Kidding! Kidding! Please don't banish me to the moon, oh mistress!)

Just One Bite by johnjoseco on deviantART

Only an artist like Johnjoseco could make the act of biting into an apple smexy. Then again, when Fluttershy is involved, anything can be smexy!

Flutterbat by uotapo on deviantART

Anyone else notice her batman logo hair clip? I'm sure most of you all were paying attention to her big juicy apples--er, I mean apple--instead.

Rosario+Flutterbat by PonyGoddess on deviantART

A shy vampire with a sultry, kick ass alter ego? Unless you're not an otaku, you all saw this parody coming.

Flutterbat by Kurus22 on deviantART

She's not bad. She's just drawn that way!


With me being the big FlutterMac fan that I am, you all should have known I would love this. Something tells me she wants to suck something other than his blood. Something big and red and juicy.