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Sunday, October 26, 2014

MLP Villains: Lord Tirek

Finally! To wrap up this year’s collection of MLP Villains posts, I’m closing out this month with the best MLP Villain of them all: Lord Tirek.

Long ago, Tirek came from another land to take over Equestria, but his brother, who had befriended the ponies, warned of his plot, and Tirek was cast into Tartarus for his crimes. Centuries passed, and Tirek managed to escape his prison and regain his power once more. With the help of the trickster, Discord, he was able to absorb all of the magic from the ponies in Equestria, including the alicorn princesses themselves. Everything seemed to be in his favor until Twilight and her friends unlocked the Rainbow Power and used it to banish him to Tartarus once more.

And here is a few select fan art of the most powerful villain of them all:

Tirek Scrap by harwicks-art on deviantART

"Is he friend or is he foe, the pony folk wonders. I can assure you, I am no friend!" Best. Line. EVER!

Tirek by Audrarius on deviantART

Please tell me I'm not the only one to see similarities between Tirek and Trigon from Teen Titans. Big, red horned demons seem to look the same to me.

Anti-Rainbow by BlindCoyote on deviantART

Discord really didn't see this coming, but I'm surprised the others didn't see it as well. Discord siding with the villain? No! How?

Tirek by baitoubaozou on deviantART

Tirek uses flamethrower. It's super effective.

Tirek vs. Twilight by QuizzicalKisses on deviantART

I want to say that the fight scene between Twilight and Tirek was the best animated fight scene this side of the pond from Japan, but that honor belongs to Aang’s fight with the Fire Lord in Avatar. But this scene is pretty far close!

Tirek Tastes the Rainbow by Ghostwalker2061 on deviantART

Twilight summons Bahamut. It's super effective. (Okay, the monster is actually Neltharion, but I don't know who he is. Also, I mixed up Final Fantasy with Pokémon.)

Decisive Battle! by DANMAKUMAN on deviantART

Twilight uses Thunderbolt. It's not very effective. (Okay, that's enough Pokémon references from me.)

Attack On Tirek by Left2Fail on deviantART

I know this picture is an Attack on Titan reference, but all I can think of is Samurai Jack. Now I'm thinking of Tirek with Mako's voice.

Spike vs. Tirek by KometIV on deviantART

Spike vs. Tirek. Well, this is the closest we're going to get to an actual Dragonball reference.

Taste The Rainbow Tirek by MEGARAINBOWDASH2000 on deviantART

Even as babies they're still epic!

Tirek and Discord against the world by seriousdog on deviantART

You may laugh now, but don't you ever underestimate the power of the sandwich. There is a reason why Jared lost that much weight!

Tirek-sama by DarthCraftus on deviantART

Tirek IS best villain. All the other villains are just imitating.

tirek by CSImadmax on deviantART

The new-school look at the old-school villain—or, at least before he was given the official new-school look.