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Sunday, October 19, 2014

MLP Villains: Nightmare Rarity

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For this My Little Pony villain post, I’m sharing an antagonist from the comic books: Nightmare Rarity.

When Rarity is kidnapped by the essence of Nightmare Moon, it feeds upon her insecurities and convinces her to side with the Nightmares, the creatures on the moon who were supposed to take over Equestria once Nightmare Moon had seized control. Her judgment clouded in sorrow and despair, Rarity succumbs to the darkness and transforms into Nightmare Rarity. Will she remain as the new mistress of darkness, or will her friends save her and return to normal?

Here is just a few of the artwork surrounding this most unique and illustrious villains.

Nightmare Rarity by Tzelly-El on deviantART

Even as the mistress of darkness, she manages to remain radiant.

Nightmare Rarity by Sorelstrasz on deviantART

This beautiful picture is making me think of Lion King. I'm seeing "Circle of Life" and hearing "One Of Us."

Nightmare Rarity by mysticalpha on deviantART

What if, instead of expulsing the darkness from her body, Rarity was able to gain control of it? What if the Elements of Harmony allowed her to use her new albeit dark powers for the sake of good? Now that would have been interesting.

Nightmare Rarity by s4vin on deviantART

"The rose she had was truly an enchanted rose. If she could learn to love another, and earn his love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, she would be doomed to remain a beast for all time."

Little Miss Nightmare Rarity by RoboTheHoobo on deviantART

Little Miss Rarity + Nightmare Rarity = Holy Sheet! We are freaked!

.: Changes in her sister :. by ASinglePetal on deviantART

Nightmare Rarity with her little sister. Not sure if cute or creepy.

Commission: Nightmare Rarity X Spike by Eosphorite on deviantART

I wonder what would have happened to Spike had he been unsuccessful with helping bring back the real rarity with the heart stone? Would Rarity had kept him as a pet? Or perhaps a slave?

Nightmare Rarity and her Spike by Hellbeholder on deviantART

Could Rarity have infected Spike with the same darkness to unleash his true dragon form? With him by her side, taking over Equestria would have been a cinch? Who's going to be able to stop a rampaging dragon?

Nightmare Rarity by ZantyARZ on deviantART

Of course her human form is sultry. Isn't that the case for all female villains? The more evil they are, the less clothes they wear.

Nightmare Rarity by HazuraSinner on deviantART

This human version seems to be the only one conservatively dressed. That's rare for a female villain.


Nightmare Rarity showcases her full moon before a full moon.


Something tells me she wants to make Spike more than her slave.