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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

MLP Villians: Trixie Lulamoon


As with last year, I will be celebrating this most wicked of holiday seasons by sharing fan art collections of some of the most wicked characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic--namely the villains!

Let's start off this month with a character that everyone loves to hate, or simply loves to love: Trixie Lulamoon!

Once a traveling show pony, this magician loved to boast about her brave exploits against monstrous beasts like the Ursa Major. However, she was revealed to be the fraud that she is when a real Ursa Major came to town, only to scare her silly, and force Twilight Sparkle to steal her spotlight and subdue the beast herself.

Humiliated, with her reputation ruined, Trixie vowed revenge against Twilight, and almost got it after receiving the Alicorn Amulet, which she used to subdue Ponyville to her will and force Twilight out. She was inevitably outmatched and outsmarted by Twilight, who taught her the meaning of friendship and turned her life around.

And here are some of my favorite great and powerful fan art of the great and powerful Trixie herself:

Trixie by ClaudiaQH on deviantART

I'd like to believe that after Trixie was brought back from the dark side, that she decided to deciate her life to learn how to use real magic like Twilight and not resort to cheap show tricks. Though I wonder if that would lead her to become like Sunset Shimmer.

Trixie by ponyKillerX on deviantART

Looks like Trixie has been studying up on alchemy. The only thing missing is Twilight delfecting her attack from the mirror side of the image.

Long, strange trip Trixie by RinaSunshine on deviantART

Looks like Trixie found a dragon companion of her own. Spike? Y u no have cool horns like dat?!

Crystal Trixie II by DragonGirl983 on deviantART

And it was then that Trixie decided to take up residence in the Crystal Empire.

MLP - Two Sides of Trixie by TehJadeh on deviantART

Sometimes you have to wonder if Trixie's "great and powerful" demeanor was merely a mask for her inner insecurities.

Trixie as Azula by TheParagon on deviantART

Oh yeah, the similarities are uncanny!

Trixie's Life is so Hard by johnjoseco on deviantART

To be fair, at least she can use magic to leviate the hammer. I'd hate to think of the damage done to the teeth of Pinkie's relatives holding the hammer with their teeth. Yikes!

Trixie vs The Ursa Major by CutiePieThePony on deviantART

Ursa Minors are the only creatures that can be terrifying and adorable at the exact same time.

Great n' Powerful Trixie Tang by wolfjedisamuel on deviantART

You knew this joke needed to be made. (Oh, and Twi, you ponies don't normally wear underwear, or clothes for that manner.)

Trixie and Trixie by Vector-Brony on deviantART

Not sure if humorous or horrifying. I mean, how would you react if you saw a strange appendage reach from out of your hat?

Vanishing Act by PluckyNinja on deviantART

And for her next trick, the Great and Powerful Trixie will make her clothes dissapear! :D