Nuggets of Wisdom

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Thoughts On The Florida Governor’s Debate

For those who don’t live in Florida, tonight was the second debate between current Florida governor Rick Scott and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist.

So what were my thoughts on it as a Florida native?

If you know anything about my blog posts that are titled “My Thoughts On…”, you should already know the answer: I don’t care!

Why? Because the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie was barred from the debates.

It’s not just that he wasn’t invited to appear in the debates. It’s that a judge ruled that he could not appear in them—despite having previously surpassed the 10 percent barrier twice in the polls!

I already know that I’m not voting for either the left-handed sock puppet or the right-handed one, so why should I bother watching their puppet show of a debate?

Forget Scott. Forget Crist. Forget our two-party illusion of choice. Adrian Wyllie for governor! Because there ain’t no party like a third party!