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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nightly Frights: Racy Pulp Comic Covers [NSFW]

And now for a post that’s a bit more, well, "not safe for work."

You could question whether it’s tasteful for me to showcase such “covers” on my blog, but hey—what guy doesn’t like seeing a half-naked (or even fully-naked) damsel in distress trapped in a test tube and at the mercy of a mad doctor?

I know it’s grossly “misogynistic” for me to think this, but there’s something alluring, if not empowering, about seeing women stripped of their clothes and bodily autonomy and subjected to the whims of a villainous cur.

Here’s just a sample of vintage pulp magazine covers I found from this blog. Click the link to view more of them, especially those that are more "revealing."

(And if damsels in distress and mad science are your personal kink, then I highly recommend you visit Mad Erotic Science, which has an extensive collection of, well, erotic mad science material.)


There’s something I find intriguing about such vintage pulp comic and magazine covers. They come from a time when the culture was much more sexually repressive, yet they managed to get away with being risqué enough to put Playboy to shame. I can almost see why there was a huge moral backlash against comic books in the 1950s.

Even when standards and expectations for comic books, if not media in general, have become much more relaxed in recent years, covers such as these would be unthinkable in our current politically-correct culture. If the recent feminist outrage over Spiderwoman’s butt made your eyes roll, imagine what would happen if comic books these days tried to publish covers such as these. Anita Sarkessien would have an aneurysm!

So being able to enjoy such vintage covers seem like a real rare find. These types of covers truly were a product of their era, and will probably never be recreated.