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Friday, October 10, 2014

Top 13 Sesame Street Scares (#10)

Jim Henson Company

Throughout the years, many of the Sesame Street characters would receive extreme makeovers. This was probably a good thing, as most of their original appearances were, well, less than appealing.

For instance, Oscar the Grouch used to look like this:

Muppet Wiki

And Big Bird used to look like this:


And then there was Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Muppet Wiki

Ah, good old Snuffy! Remember him? He was the cute, adorable, furry elephant-like creature who sounded like Eeyore and looked like a mammoth without tusks.

He was also Big Bird’s best friend who was always conveniently absent whenever Big Bird wanted to show him off. This caused the adults on the show to assume that Big Bird was going coo-coo for cocoa puffs and needed to take a long visit to the mental ward for some shock treatment—that is, until Snuffy was finally revealed to everyone at the discretion of Sesame Street creators, who felt that this would only send the wrong message to children about adults.

So how could anyone find this ginormous mountain of fur "scary"? I mean look at him. He's so cute and fluffy, I want to die! How can he possibly be scary?

Do you want to see what he looked like when he first appeared on Sesame Street?

Are you sure you want to see him? Because you probably don’t.

You still sure? Okay. Well, here it goes:

#10: Snuffy's Debut

Big Bird was simply minding his own business when he noticed that his flower garden needed some water. When he reached over for the garden hose, he noticed that it felt furrier than usual. Then he realized that garden hoses don't have fur.

Then he turned around to see…

Holy SQUEE! on a SQUEE!-ing sandwich with SQUEE! on top with a side helping of SQUEE!

Yeah, I can see why many of the adults originally dismissed Snuffy as Big Bird’s imaginary friend, because that—ABOMINATION!—certainly looks like something you would imagine while on a fever dream—after guzzling a gallon of LSD, and snorting a lot of cocaine, and taking every other drug imaginable. (Then again, this was back in the 1970s, so…)

Muppet Wiki

Forget pink elephant! Nothing’s scarier than a furry, bright orange elephant with  green google eyes. I mean just look at those eyes. My Celestia, those eyes! They almost look like he's on drugs himself! "Hi, Bird. I'm sick! I need some smack, Bird!"

They’re so mesmerizing like Kaa’s eyes in the Jungle Book. They appear to be staring into your very soul, hypnotizing you, drawing you in. It’s almost an eldritch abomination that somehow has the power to eat you with its eyes and transport you to a land of everlasting darkness.

It certainly doesn’t help that the opening scene is eerily similar to an old Muppet sketch where Kermit is tugging on a rope, only to discover there’s a hideous monster at the end ready to eat him.

Heck, I’m almost half-expecting the same fate to befall poor Big Bird as Snuffy gobbles him up.

As could be expected, Snuffy’s first appearance sent many a toddler screaming out of the room crying for their mommies. It would have made me pee my pants if I wasn’t negative 15 years old at the time this aired. But fortunately, Snuffy would have his eyes replaced for a pair less menacing, which would make him more lovable than, well, loathable.

But if you thought Snuffy looked frightening, you should stay tuned and check out some of the more freakier muppets on this list!