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Monday, October 13, 2014

Top 13 Sesame Street Scares (#9)

Sesame Street has had a vast cast of Muppet characters throughout its 45-year run. Some characters have been with the show since the very beginning, like Big Bird, Oscar, and Bert and Ernie, while countless others only appeared on the show for a short time and were quickly discarded after, either because they weren’t popular enough, or because they simply weren’t suitable for children.

Case in point…

Muppet Wiki

#9: Beautiful Day Monster

This monster first appeared in many of Jim Henson’s earlier performances including an unaired commercial and a skit on the Ed Sullivan program, in which he was ruining a little girl’s “beautiful day” (thus his name).

When Sesame Street was first started, the Beautiful Day Monster was one of Henson’s many characters who was added to the cast. True to his monster nature, he would normally be found bothering the other Muppet characters like Kermit, Bert, and Ernie, and otherwise making their lives a living hell.

While his fan-attributed name is “Beautiful Day” monster, he went by many other names on the show, such as "Fred," "Harold," "Snookie," "Lulu," and "Windy." Of course, if his appearance is anything to go by, his real name should be “ugly as all sin”!


I mean, just look at this character. He’s tall, scraggly, menacing—and those eyes! It’s almost like he’s walking around with a permanent angry expression. Perhaps if he opened his eyes wider…



Sweet Celestia, look at those eyes. Those eyes are screaming “Get in my belly!”

But you want to know what’s creepier than that? He’s also a cross dresser!


Yeah, that looks like a monster you dare not misgender, otherwise, you’ll be checking your privilege—in his stomach. Or her stomach. Or its.

Of course, this monster was no exception, as during the first season, many of the other Sesame Street monsters looked exactly like monsters—creepy, scary monsters. Then Jim and the other creators said “hey, maybe it’s not a good idea for these monsters to look like something children would imagine are lurking under their bed.”

So by the next season, most of the other monsters received makeovers to make them look brighter, more colorful, and less menacing, while others, like Beautiful Day, were sent to the scrap heap. However, that hasn’t stopped this monster from living on in our memories—or rather, our nightmares.