Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our Extremely Low Expectations For Humanity

Yesterday saw two major events take place. The first was the historic first landing of a man-made probe on the surface of a passing comet. The other was Kim Kardashian's butt appearing in Paper magazine.

The good news is that people paid more attention to the historic space landing on a comet over the champagne landing in a glass on the rich heiress’s badonkadonk. (Of course, her ass has since surpassed the comet landing search results.)


The bad news is that this is considered good news to begin with.

The fact that most bloggers are considering this trend proof that there’s still hope for humanity shows that our expectations for humanity are at an all-time low.

Who cares if more people on Twitter obsessed over the comet landing than they did Kim Kardashian? That’s as much an accomplishment as a grown man not soiling his trousers. That’s something we should already expect from decent people in a sane society—and the fact that this is even "good news" speaks volumes about our own society.

Yeah, keep handing out those gold stars to the students who showed up to class but continuously fail every major exam!