Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, December 18, 2014

One Good Thing About Ending The Cuba Embargo

Obama announced that he was going to lift the 50-year-old Cold Era embargo on Cuba. While neocons are grinding their teeth over this decision, I think that it will allow for a valuable learning experience.

Now that there's nothing preventing U.S. citizens from visiting Cuba, leftist college students who proudly vote Democrat and “think for themselves” (i.e.: regurgitate the talking points their Marxist professors indoctrinated them with) will now have the opportunity to visit this Communist country and take a first-hand look at socialism at work. (Heck, maybe many of these starry-eyed students will even take the opportunity to move there!)

I’m sure after a good month or two of high taxation and “free” healthcare and education, and after receiving their much-delayed wake-up call to how socialism actually operates, these students will be swimming their way back to Florida to return to the evils of capitalism.