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Saturday, December 20, 2014

This Isn't How You Fight The Police State

Comedy Central

Guys, I’m against the police state as much as you all are. I’m just as concerned about the militarization of local law enforcement, and I’m just as disgusted by the overt displays of police brutality and abuse—even more so by how our “justice” system allows police officers who murder in cold blood to walk free. I’m all for fighting against the police state any way we possibly can.


Killing police officers who have done no wrong for the sake of retributive vigilantism isn’t how we should go about doing that.

Those two police officers did not kill Michael Brown. They did not kill Eric Garner. They did not kill or even brutalize anyone. They were simply police officers doing their jobs. Killing innocent people to avenge the deaths of other innocent people is not justice. It simply isn’t. Not by any definition of justice. No, not one.

Edit: While searching Tumblr, I found another relevant Jon Stewart pic: