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Monday, February 10, 2014

Hate Blog Celebrates Dead White People

Imagine there was a blog named “F*** Yeah Dead N-Words!” whose blog posts, true to its title, made light of the deaths of black people? Or suppose the blog was called “F*** Yeah Dead Kikes!” and it celebrated the deaths of Jews? How long do you think that blog would remain active until it was shut down for hate speech? Probably not very long!

Now let’s look at a real blog: “F*** Yeah Dead White People!” Yes, that’s a real blog. And yes, it’s what you’d expect from a blog with such a title.

Most of the blog posts are police reports and news stories concerning murders of—you guessed it—white people, most of whom were murdered by—you guessed it—black people. What’s especially sickening is how the blog author celebrates these deaths as “racial justice.” If a white person kills a black person, it’s a “hate crime.” If a black person kills a white person, it’s “racial justice.”

As this is a Tumblr blog, it has an ask feature where people can send notes to the blog author, and as you would expect from a blog like this, most of the notes are people telling him what a horrible human being he is.

This, of course, hardly phases him, as he claims no one should be offended by someone calling for the death of an entire race of people. (Just as long as that race is white! Calling for the death of blacks and Jews makes you a neo-Nazi! Calling for the deaths of white people make you a “social justice warrior”!)

Yes, you read that correctly: he just argued that black men have a right to rape white women because they deserve it! Where are the feminists screaming “rape culture” over this?

In fact, where are the “social justice warriors”? This is clearly hate speech, right? Oh, that’s right! I forgot: It’s only racism when white people do it. It’s wrong for white people to call for the deaths of blacks, but perfectly justifiable for black people to call for the deaths of whites because they are the oppressors and they deserve death! I wish I were making that up, but social justice warriors have argued just that. So much for racial harmony!

As for this blog, it has been up for over a month. Its content clearly violates Tumblr community guidelines which prohibits malicious speech. If you wish to report this blatant “hate speech”, send an e-mail here.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

Speaking of freak shows, the very last individual featured in InternetAristocrat's recent video wins the prize of "OMFG Is This Guy For Realz?!?!" Reading this blog post, it's hard to tell if this "person" is real or simply a parody. I want to say parody, but considering some of the other "special snowflakes" that congregate on Tumblr, I'm leaning more towards real.

I want you lot to be the judge. Read this blog post and profile, and, when you're not dying of laughter, try to figure out whether or not this blogger is a real person, then cast your judgments in the comments section below:

Jenn. 23. Cisgendered white female. Tortoisekin. Disabled. Singlet. Gainer. Vegan. Feminist. Fat activist. Pansexual. Demiplatonic. Aromantic. Asensual.

Likes: Knitting, sewing, cooking, gardening, eating, human rights, animal rights, human-animal rights, fat acceptance.

Just your average queer, fat, vegan tortoise trying to discover herself. My passions in life are vegan Japanese cuisine and dismantling the kyriarchy with my best friend, Justice.

Justice. 23. Genderfluid FAAB. All pronouns acceptable. Racially mixed PoC. Pansexual but currently abstinent. Trans* activist. Hardcore vegan activist. Animal rights. Organic Raw Veganism. Former O.S. Anti-racism. ED recovery. BPD. OCD.

Likes: Pranic nourishment. Superfoods. Animal rights activism. Veganism.

MONDAY, JULY 23, 2012

trigger warning: singletism, ableism, fat shaming, transfat shaming, cutting, doctors, hospital, mental hospital

Jenn here. Sorry I haven’t been posting. I recently suffered a terrible injustice at the hands of a bunch of singletist, ableist bigots. It all started when I was having dinner at my parents house. My mother inevitably made several cruel remarks about my weight, my veganism, and the amount of food I was eating. She started talking talking about the possibility of decreasing my food allowance even more or cutting it all together and buying all my groceries herself. Eventually, she told me I needed to see a different therapist as well as a nutritionist because apparently purposefully gaining weight is insane. According to her transfatness isn’t real and I am just addicted to food.

I was furious but I tried to stay calm for the sake of my headmates as well as for the sake of my food allowance. Derek was present and listening the entire time. Derek hates the body and resents being trapped in it. He is also very prone to harming it. At some point I lost control. Derek took over and swore at my mom then ran to the bathroom. Algoral, Carlotta, Momo, Toshi, and I were present the entire time. Derek found a razor and started cutting. He hadn’t bothered to lock the door. My mom found him and wrestled the razor out of our hand while my dad dialed 911.

I ended up fronting at the hospital. A lot of what happened is a blur. I tried to explain that I wasn’t self harming and that I am part of a multiple system. The doctor had no idea what I was talking about and asked my parents if I had been evaluated for schizophrenia. My parents basically told the doctor that I fake DID for attention.

The doctor forced me to be put on a 72 hour hold. The mental hospital was a separate hospital so I had to be taken there in an ambulance. I honestly don’t want to recall too much about it. Let’s just say that the medical and mental health system in this country is deeply, deeply ableist as well as singletist. I had to lie about my multiplicity, a large part of my identity, just to get out of there. I had to tell my headmates to lay low. They were not allowed to front for 72 hours. If any of them did, we all would have been forced to stay in that prison where we weren’t allowed to be ourselves and where some of us weren’t even allowed to merely exist. Not only that, but they had me on a reduced calorie diet while I was there… (scoff) no surprise, really.

We were released some days ago. The others have been fronting a lot to make up for lost time. My parents are angry at me and insisting that the whole ordeal was just me being attention seeking and taking it too far. They keep telling me that I don’t have DID and when I tell them that I in fact do not— that I have what is called natural multiplicity— they tell I’m making up illnesses. Natural multiplicity is real and it is not an illness or a disability! I wish they would allow me to educate them about these things since I actually know a lot about them seeing as I experience them ONLY EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. Yeah, obviously I’ve been fighting with my parents a lot more than usual, but they haven’t decreased or cut any of my allowances so I guess I can still handle all this arguing for now.

Again, I’m sorry for my absence but I’ve been a bad place, both literally and figuratively, and I have a lot to think about. I should be posting more regularly now. Thank you all for bearing with me.

The Tumblr Freak Show

George Carlin once said that the world was a freak show, and that when you are born, you get a front row seat. If that's the case, then Tumblr is clearly the midway where all the freaks are showcased.

I already mentioned InternetAristocrat’s recent video Ableism. In it, he highlights some very “special snowflakes” whom—quite honestly—are hard to distinguish whether or not they are parodies or real people.

I’ve taken the liberty of taking screencaps of the Tumblr profiles presented in the video to showcase here. (Click on them to see a larger version and better read the text). As you pay witness to this freak show, see how long you can prevent yourself from chuckling. And yes, these “people” are real—so very, very real:


And people on Tumblr assume I'm the "parody" because I'm a libertarian brony?

Why "Social Justice" Is A Joke

InternetAristocrat has done a magnificent job chronicling the insanity of Tumblr social justice warriors and detailing the extreme lengths they take to push their ultra-PC myopic worldview. His Tumblrisms video series has detailed such unintentionally-hilarious “trigger warnings” such as white privilege, thin privilege, cis-scum, and headmates. (You know how some people claim to hear voices in their heads? Some people seriously insist those voices are real!)

His recent video on ableism not only does a good job highlighting the inanity of those “special snowflakes” who feel such terms as “stupid”, “insane”, and “moron” are “ableist slurs”, but also explains why “social justice” as it exists on Tumblr is such a joke. The entire last half of his video is recommended viewing, but he summarizes his sentiments thusly:

Being a dick to somebody is being a dick to somebody. You don't need to brand that as something. You don't need to create a new term for it. Calling someone a "retard" who's actually mentally-handicapped might be a little bit cruel, but trying to say that using words that were actually created to define a condition is wrong, or that using words that happens to fit a circumstance or a context is wrong, is just silly. Using words like "crazy" and "insane" and "stupid" are not going to make someone who is retarded feel bad. They aren't going to be aware of your conversations when you are not around them. However, these people will have you think that just by uttering those phrases, that somewhere out there some autistic child is getting beaten because you say retard, is a punch line to a joke in a bar!
As someone with Asperger’s Syndrome (which is on the Autistic spectrum), I can understand why people would take issue with using words such as “autistic” or “bipolar”, as they are real terms for real mental disorders and conditions, and using them flippantly as insults downplays those disorders and the people who suffer with them.

But while words such as “lame”, “imbecile”, “hysterical”, or “moron” may have described archaic medical conditions, their vernacular meanings no longer apply, and so to assume that they offend or even “oppress” mentally-challenged people—to utilize an “ableist” slur—is “insane”! Nobody is offended by those words, and anyone who is simply lives in a sanitized bubble where nobody says anything bad ever. People like that simply need to pop their bubble and learn to live in the real world.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Daily Pony: Thoroughly Analyzing Frozen

Technically, this video isn’t pony-related, but it does feature pony reviewers DigiBrony and Cottonbelle (albeit in their alpaca llama forms), both who do a good job of thoroughly analyzing Disney’s Frozen.

I agree with Cottonbelle that Elsa’s ice “curse” is more of an allegory of a personality disorder (such as panic disorder) than it is of homosexuality, which is the common theory among internet discussion. I also liked how she managed to give a more in-depth analysis of Olaf. Having watch the movie, I assumed he was simply another annoying Disney side character, but seeing this review, it makes me re-think him a bit more, and see him almost as a tragic character.

Obviously, this review goes in-depth and into detail with the movie, so spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the movie:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Is This How Honey Boo Boo's Mom Thinks?

Imagine you’re the parent of a young daughter. You take her to her annual checkup where the doctor notices she’s gained some extra body fat and even fears she might be running the risk of becoming obese. When you confess that you’ve been liberal with feeding her sweets, the doctor advises you to cut back on such sugary and fatty foods.

Now, if you’re a responsible parent who cares about your child’s health, you will listen to the expert who spent more years in medical school than you ever have in regular school.

However, if you’re a proud know-nothing whose parenting skills rival that of Honey Boo Boo’s mom—
someone who “don’t take too kindly to those elitist doctors and their fancy-schmancy pieces of paper”—then you might ignore that advice and treat your borderline obese daughter to ice cream after the doctor visit:

Guess which decision this Tumblr mother made? (Hint: the name of her blog is “This Is Thin Privilege”):
"Yes, well, I try not to deprive my daughter of anything. I think it’s more important for kids to learn intuitive eating than to make them choose between "good" and "bad" foods. I don’t think weight is indicative of poor health."

She basically gave me a look like I was saying something entirely radical before telling me to try to limit fatty/sugary foods for my daughter.

After that visit, the first thing I did was take my daughter out for ice cream.

Afterwards, I tried to tell me husband.about how I wish we could change doctors. I guess thin privilege is not understanding or worrying that such a “concerned” doctor is perpetuating a toxic environment for your daughter.
If you think that’s bad, this is one of the comments: “Next time tell the doctor that you would prefer that she not bring that topic up again.” Yes, how dare that medical expert comment on your child’s weight! You’d think she was a pediatrician who was trained to determine the healthy weight of a child!

As a libertarian, I hardly think the state should have the authority to dictate how parents raise their children or have the power to seize them if it determines that their parenting is insufficient. That being said, there are far too many people like this mother who have no business raising children. It’s none of my business how you raise your children, but the minute your willful ignorance places their health and well-being at risk, then it’s safe to say it is my business.

This seems to be part of a disturbing trend in America where parents are more than willing to shrug off the advice of medical professionals and place their children’s health at risk, whether it’s refusing to have them vaccinated, or opting to pray for their life-threatening illness rather than give them medical treatment. Then again, this all seems part of the dominate trend in this country where Americans assume, as Isaac Asimov once commented, that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

On a lighter note, here’s the top comment on the subreddit where this abysmal post was shared: “I'm sure she'll teach her daughter how to intuitively give herself insulin shots, too.”

Pony Recap: Pinkie Pride

This episode stars Weird Al Yankovic. Need I say any more?

Not only is this the best episode of the season by far, it has some of the best music of the season, if not the entire series. Such a musical guest as Weird Al deserves only the most musical episodes, and the musical numbers in it hardly disappoint—well, actually a few of the songs, most notably the very first and last ones, sound rather similar to previous songs in the series. Even then, the music is what you would expect from a guest appearance of Weird Al, what with its energetic pacing and over-the-top humor.

What really impressed me is that, surprisingly enough, none of the songs were written by Weird Al himself. Yeah. Go figure! An episode where Weird Al sings most of the songs has none written by him. Even then, the songs sound exactly like those he would write, especially the Goof-Off Song, which is itself a tribute of his polkas. The fact that these songs manage to perfectly emulate Weird Al’s style shows the range that songwriter Daniel Ingraham has.

What else is there to say? With a guest like Weird Al, you know you’re in for fun, and that’s exactly what this episode was—fun!

With that said, here's the episode along with my thoughts on it:

Nice to see Appleloosa again. Also nice to see that the ponies and buffalo are continuing to live together in harmony. What brings people together better than a party?

At first, I was wondering why Weird Al's character was named Cheese Sandwich--but then I saw this animation with the cheese sandwich reverberating like an accordion. Pure genius!

What's with eccentric earth ponies having weird pony senses?

Song #1: Meh, I feel it's too similar to "Morning In Ponyville" from "Magical Mystery Cure", but otherwise, it's a good starting song and fits into Pinkie's character perfectly.

Obligatory (if not upside-down) CMC cameo!

Oh look, it's the marketplace where everyone was being a total dick to poor Fluttershy in "Putting Your Hoof Down"! Good thing to know none of the mean pony vendors are there.

"We chose Pound and Pumpkin's name." Wait, if you knew you were having twins, then why was every pony else surprised?

LOL! I guess this is payback for stealing the CMC's shakes in "One Bad Apple" (Then again, it would have to be Babs Seed who received the comeuppance here, and Silver Spoon would not benefit from it.)

I guess Pinkie wanted a ton of brown paint.

You too can create a detailed painting of your best friend if you dance and throw paint around haphazardly!

"Parties are serious"! Finished that for you. (Oh, and obligatory Pinkie Pie promise callback is obligatory.)

An eccentric earth pony with a special sense who loves to plan parties? Gee, it's almost as if he's a shameless male clone of Pinkie Pie. (But then, he would be Bubble Berry.)

"A pair of pony party planners in Ponyville? what could be more perfect?" That aliteration!

I'm with the MysteriousMrEnter: who moves to another town on their birthday?

Song #2: It certainly fits Weird Al's character, and is a good introduction to him.

Yes, I'm sure the funeral director is quite the party animal. Nothing more cheerful than a person in charge of cleaning up corpses.

Hey look: a pig that flies! (And, aw! Colt Cheese Sandwich is adorkable!)

Hey look, the Weird Al character is playing an accordion!

Weird Al hitting on a R63 version of himself? Nothing creepy about that!

I'm not sure what celebration would call for a large floating pizza in the middle of a lake or would concern fugglehorns...but I totally want to attend.

Forget the Party Cannon! Party Bomb is best party-based weapon.

Hey, that's not how you play DDR!

Looks like he got his own hippopotamus for, I mean his birthday!

"Pinkie Pie's parties are fun and sweet and all, but this party is going to be...epic!" Um, RD, Pinkie Pie is in earshot. (And saying "No offense" doesn't cut it.)

What, we don't get the flat mane? Hasbro, I am disappoint!

Derpy seems to be hanging up those streamers nicely...especially for someone as clumsy as herself.

Hey! That's not how you water flowers!

Twilight Sparkle does the safe thing and backs away slowly.

Song #3: Not exactly the best sad song ever, but it did make me feel sympathy for Pinkie, and that's hard to do.

Must not make reference! Must not make reference! Must not make reference!

Well, at least she's a better mail mare than Derpy!

It's as if Frozen's Elsa and The Guardian's Jack Frost had a child and that child turned into a pony and took up a job as a construction worker!

If "Just For Sidekicks" taught us anything, it's that past events can be easily conveyed through photographs.

There is symbolism in this somewhere!

And this is why Derpy was banned from Golden Corral!

I know Pinkie is serious about trying to get her title back as best party pony, but does she have to look evil about it?

Not sure how a sculpture like that can stand with such as narrow base at the bottom. Wouldn't it tip over?

It's like Twilight's bulgy eyes from "Crystal Empire" had a one-night stand with Pinkie Pie's angry face from "Over A Barrel" and this is their bastard child!

Yes, they are shocked to discover they are in an anime-style frame.

"Okay, who replaced my sombrero with this fez?"

Clearly, Cheese is more properly fitted for a goof-off than Pinkie.

At this point, are you really going to question anything in this episode?

"I was born ready!"

"I was ready before I was born!"

Song #4: This song! Oh this song! What is there to say about it other than it's the best song of the episode, if not the entire season? There are just too many good things about it. The fact that it matches the style of Weird Al's polkas...

...or the live action segments...

...or the Weird Al remix of "Smile, Smile, Smile!"

You think he's compensating for something?

Yes, I would only be mildly annoyed if a large piñata came barreling down upon me to and crushed my body.

Well, at least she doesn't carry as much as Rarity...or force her sister/dragon slave to carry it all.

Um, why is Spike apologizing? He didn't do anything.

Pinkie Pie feels much better after her friends point out the blatantly obvious to her.

Song #5: It's a nice reprise from the original song. Though it does raise some questions.

We get to see Manehattan again--in the same season, no less!

Oh look, we get to see all the filly and colt versions of our favorite background characters!

BonBon with glasses is cute. So is Colgate with braces.

So if Pinkie Pie was his inspiration for throwing parties, why is he just mentioning this right now. Could have prevented all of this mess if he mentioned it earlier.

Song #6: Well, it's catchy to say the least, but it sounds too similar to "This Is Our Big Night" from Equestria Girls.

You have to wonder how Dash is able to afford all of this. I mean, there's a roller coaster! I'm not sure if a weather pony makes enough money to afford that.

Judging from this cake, Dash is 21 years old. But if we assume that the candles are evenly distributed around the cake, she seems to be 40. Wow, she is young and energetic for 40!

What? No candy?! Worst. Piñata. Ever!

When did Rarity become an alicorn?

Not sure how a rubber chicken can shine a rainbow reflection.

Of course he would have a second one!