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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Channel Awesome Loses (And Screws) Reviewers

For those of you who watch Nostalgia Critic on Channel Awesome, you’ve probably learned that the site has recently parted ways with reviewers like Phelous, Obscurus Lupa, Oancitizen, and Andrew Dickman. (Oh, and Nostalgia Chick also left, but I couldn’t care less about that feminazi SJW! She stopped being good long ago.)

If you want to learn why these reviewers left, both Phelous and Lupa explain in detail on their blogs. TL;DR: Lupa has been struggling with money, so she wanted to add midrolls to her videos and advertise her Pateron account; but the big wigs on the site wouldn’t allow her—and after giving her a hard time about it, to the point of screams and tears, they gave her the boot with her friends following suit.

So yeah, despite all of the entertaining content, the site is being run by Grade-A plotholes, as Lupa explains:
The site has had many, MANY behind the scenes issues, and ANYONE who has said anything has been labeled a troublemaker. Also, anyone who has said anything is gone now. It is a site fueled by yes men and denial, and many broken promises. They’ve referred to the other producers as “children” on more than one occasion, which is as patronizing as it sounds. The site has ALWAYS been about Doug, and they don’t care about anyone else there.
It’s really disheartening to see a website that I literally watch like a television channel screw over its content providers like this. Them getting rid of Spoony was understandable, but this? This is simply heartless. In fact, I was so disgusted by how poorly Lupa was treated that I almost refused to watch the latest Nostalgia Critic review. (I say “almost” because I ended up watching it anyway!)

Anywho, my sympathy is out to Lupa and company. Here’s hoping they continue their good work elsewhere, and I really hope Channel Awesome straightens up their act. Seriously, with so many reviewers gone, aside from NC, the only other reviewers worth watching are Linkara and Cinema Snob (and perhaps the occasional Todd in the Shadows or Paw).