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Monday, January 5, 2015

SATIRE: Michelle Obama Approves Fake Sprinkles Ban

Michelle Obama Approves Fake Sprinkles Ban

First Lady on the fake federal ban on sprinkles: “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

Katie Incorrect
Daily Bungle

Contrary to media hysteria, the federal government is not trying to ban sprinkles; however, this hasn’t stopped anti-junk food proponents from voicing their support for this fake ban.

Last year came to an end, not with a bang but a whimper, when news of a potential ban on sprinkles was reported by right-wing news outlets such as Fox News and Breitbart.

The alleged sprinkle ban was attributed to new federal regulations limiting the use of partially-hydrogenated oils, a major source of trans fats, which is commonly used in sprinkles and other food items.

While these regulations would indeed limit the use of a common ingredient found within sprinkles, it would not limit or even ban sprinkles themselves, as most major manufacturers no longer use PHOs to make sprinkles, while popular restaurant chains such as Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme have eliminated trans fats from their donuts and other products altogether.

Furthermore, the news outlets reporting on this alleged ban have cited as a source an article which has been revealed to be satire written on a satirical news blog, The Arizona Conservative.

However, even though this federal sprinkles ban has been revealed to be a hoax, many anti-junk food politicians and proponents have voiced their support for it.

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