Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, January 16, 2015

Statist And Anarchist: Strawmen

Whenever I share my comics in the political humor subreddit, aside from getting down-voted, they’re often accused of being unfunny, biased political strawmen. Thing is, most of the previous political cartoons here have been featured in the same subreddit, and yet, none of them are down-voted or blasted as being unfunny, biased political strawmen—despite being unfunny, biased political strawmen! (Probably because that subreddit wouldn't know humor if zombie George Carlin slapped them in the face with his dick!)

So to anyone who wants to argue that my political comics are full of biased strawmen, by all means, first explain to me why none of these cartoons featured here are any less biased or strawman-ish.

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